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Oakland Coliseum Fights Locker Room Sewage News Before Oakland A’s 2014 Season
The Oakland Coliseum, undoubtedly roiled by the constant stream of bad news centering on its locker room sewage problem, has fought back with a public-relations offensive of its own: telling you about all of the improvements to the facility. The press release is below, but note that it does not mention the Oakland Coliseum’s locker […]
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Save Oakland Sports Mixer Has Coliseum City Presentation, Thursday, February 6th
Save Oakland Sports (SOS) has announced that it’s hosting a business mixer this Thursday, February 6th, from 5:30pm until 7:30pm at the Hilton Oakland Airport Hotel, 1 Hegenberger Rd. The SOS event features a presentation on The Coliseum City Project, remarks by Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, and meetings on how businesses can support keeping Oakland […]
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Test train for BART Oakland airport connector unveiled – Contra Costa Times
Test train for BART Oakland airport connector unveiledContra Costa TimesOAKLAND – BART officials today excitedly unveiled a test train for the 3.2-mile connector from the Oakland Coliseum station to the Oakland airport that’s scheduled to begin service in the fall. Speaking at the wheelhouse which houses the motors that …BART Unveils Test Train for Coliseum-Oakland […]
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january 2014 by zennie62
After drama, Iowa State’s DeAndre Kane writes happy ending – USA TODAY
USA TODAYAMES, Iowa — Dressed in a thick coat and winter hat, DeAndre Kane escapes 2-degree weather on this afternoon and walks into Hilton Coliseum’s warm hallways, making his way through Iowa State’s arena until he finds one of his most coveted items …Hostile Hilton Coliseum awaits JayhawksKansas City StarThe Week’s College Basketball Games to […]
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With Tavares Injured, Islanders Fall to Devils – New York Times
New York TimesUNIONDALE, N.Y. — The Islanders returned home after a successful pre-Christmas trip to Detroit hoping to bring much-needed momentum back to Nassau Coliseum. National Hockey League. Live Scoreboard
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Iowa State ends with 8-0 run to top rival Iowa – USA TODAY
USA TODAYAMES, Iowa — They came into a sold out Hilton Coliseum as rateds for the first time since 1987 – and only for the second time in the 66-game Iowa-Iowa State men’s basketball rivalry. Finally, there was some buzz in this rivalry game. It lived up to the hype, …Preview: Iowa at Iowa StateReutersNo. […]
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Oakland Coliseum City ENA Approved By Oakland City Council
The Oakland Coliseum City ENA, or “Exclusive Negotiating Agreement” was unanimously approved by the Oakland City Council Tuesday night. (FYI: Councilmembers Larry Reid of District Seven and Pat Kergnihan of District Two were not in attendance.) Before I get to the technicals, here’s Dr. Death’s classic plea to the Oakland City Council for them to […]
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october 2013 by zennie62
Frank Dobson, Bob Leste, Steve Lowe Had Oakland A's Stadium Plan Before Coliseum City
On Tuesday, the Oakland City Council will meet in public with the Bay Investment Group, which seeks an exclusive negotiating agreement that, if granted, will allow the organization the right to work to develop, “Coliseum City” a campus containing stadium homes for the Oakland Raiders and The Oakland A’s and perhaps The Golden State Warriors. […]
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Coliseum City Oakland Gets Bay Investment Group: Rashid Al Malik, Colony Capital LLC
The Coliseum City Project (the focus of an Oakland City Council closed session meeting today) just got the “middle eastern investor” Oakland District Seven Councilmember Larry Reid was working on securing as far back as four months ago. That person is Rashid Al Malik, and he’s teamed with an organization, Colony Capital LLC to form […]
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Coliseum City Project Proposal In City Of Oakland Closed Session Tuesday
The Coliseum City Project Proposal, which if successfully developed will result in new stadium homes for the Oakland Raiders and either the Oakland A’s and The Golden State Warriors, or just one or the other, is on the agenda for the City of Oakland’s Oakland City Council Closed Session for Tuesday, October 1st. Here’s what […]
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september 2013 by zennie62
Oakland’s CM Pat Kernighan Ignores Info Exonerating Desley Brooks
Oakland Councilmember And Oakland City Council President Pat Kernighan’s continues to hone and refine her new role as Oakland’s version of Cruella de Vil. Joining with Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby in an unholy tag team that was first against our cities two black councilmembers, Desley Brooks (District 6) and Larry Reid (District 7) they’ve [...]
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