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The Titanium Gambit
During the Cold War, Boeing execs got a strange call from the State Department: Would you guys mind trading secrets with the Russians?
coldwar  boeing  titanium  russia 
9 days ago by spaceninja
In the ‘80s, the discussed working with to bring the to the moon
ColdWar  CIA  NASA  from twitter_favs
28 days ago by jmorgenstern
How nuclear fears helped inspire creation of the internet | Aeon Essays
This is really good, on JCR Licklider and the origins of packet switching and personal computing
cybernetics  coldwar  history  internet  packetswitching 
29 days ago by yorksranter
MI6's secret 'multi-million pound' Cold War slush fund - BBC News
The fund seems to be largely the result of an influx of money at the end of World War Two (although the account may date back to MI6's first chief, Sir Mansfield Cumming). The mystery though is where the money came from.
MI6  intelligence  bags_of_cash  coldwar  to_watch 
5 weeks ago by yorksranter

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