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The controversial plan to redevelop Checkpoint Charlie
Berlin’s politicians are fine-tuning a redevelopment plan, unveiled in June, for a 3.2-acre site that includes a cold war museum, apartments and commercial areas, as well as a pentagonal open space.

Following the plan’s launch, it met with a volley of complaints, most vocally from the former Berlin culture secretary Tim Renner, a music producer and author who came up with his own ideas for the site, alongside others from Berlin’s artist, techno and graffiti scenes. German newspapers homed in on his provocative suggestion to pedestrianise Friedrichstrasse around Checkpoint Charlie and block it with two disused tanks, harking back to the 1961 crisis.

But decision-makers know the clock is against them and their bid to revamp the checkpoint. If the Berlin’s state parliament doesn’t manage to approve a new deal before a legal deadline in February 2020, plans for the redevelopment and cold war museum could potentially be shelved for good.

After that date, an official development freeze on the eastern part of the area ends, meaning the idea of creating an open public space won’t be legally safeguarded.
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Dolmetscher Andreas Weiß im Interview: Von Breschnews Wodka und Kohls fehlenden Verben - Gesellschaft - Tagesspiegel
Verhandelt wurde bereits auf dem Flug. Unterwegs gerieten wir in ein fürchterliches Gewitter. Wir saßen mit Gorbatschow und Schewardnadse am Konferenztisch der Maschine, und als das Flugzeug immer heftiger wackelte, schleppte das russische Protokoll den Dolmetscherkollegen Kurpakow, der ein etwas korpulenter Mann war, zu dessen Sicherheit in einen weiter entfernten Sessel und schnallte ihn fest. Da blieb nur ich übrig.
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We mark the 30th anniversary of the event in Berlin which precipitated the end of the . An event which trig…
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Recovering Disputed Sound: RFE Hungarian Revolution Broadcasts | Wilson Center
We do know now with certainty, thanks to the 1956 RFE Hungarian broadcasts online at the National Széchényi Library and rebroadcast hour by hour by the University Radio of Pest, what RFE actually broadcast (and did not broadcast) in Hungarian during those fateful weeks of late 1956.
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4 weeks ago by yorksranter
Buried in the Sands of the Ogaden: Lessons from an Obscure Cold War Flashpoint in Africa - War on the Rocks
Not only did the Horn of Africa countries overestimate their own ability to manage the superpowers (not surprisingly really), so did the superpowers overestimate their ability to manage them. Also the assumption of zero sum was a problem in itself
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5 weeks ago by yorksranter
Scarborough's role in the Cuban missile crisis revealed - BBC News
A key report sent by Scarborough - entitled Soviet Merchant Ship Changes Course - has just been declassified. It says that on 24 October the Kislovodsk - a Soviet cargo ship - reported a position north-east of where it had been 24 hours earlier confirming it had "discontinued" its voyage and turned back towards the Baltic.
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