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Garbage First helps boost CF2018 performance - ColdFusion
Garbage first UseG1GC (G1) has been present for a while as an experimental option in Java 7 and released in Java 8. Java 9 and 10 offer G1 as default collector. Of interest Java 11 is due for release in September (in a few days as I write).
29 days ago by kbonnet
Google revives controversial cold-fusion experiments • Nature
Elizabeth Gibney:
<p>Google’s team was made up of 30 researchers who had no strong opinions on cold fusion. All had access to each other’s data and apparatus, and could review each other’s work.

The researchers <a href="">pursued the three experimental strands</a> that they deemed sufficiently credible. In one, they tried to load palladium with amounts of deuterium hypothesized to be necessary to trigger fusion. But at high concentrations the team was unable to create stable samples.

A second strand followed up on 1990s work by US physicists who claimed to have generated anomalous levels of tritium — another heavy hydrogen isotope, created only through nuclear reactions — by bombarding palladium with pulses of hot deuterium ions. Google’s analysis of nuclear signatures showed no tritium production from this experiment.

A final strand involved heating up metallic powders in a hydrogen-rich environment. Some current proponents of cold fusion claim that the process produces excess and unexplained heat, which they theorize is the result of fusing elements. But across 420 tests, the Google-funded team found no such heat excess.

But the researchers say that both palladium experiments warrant further study. The hypothesized effects in the tritium experiment could be too small to measure with current equipment, they suggest. The team also says that further work could produce stable samples at extremely high deuterium concentrations, where interesting effects might occur.</p>

They revived it, but only to put a stake through it. It's 99.9999% certain that cold fusion isn't a thing.
coldfusion  google 
7 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Lucee :: Accelerate your development with Lucee
Light-weight dynamic CFML scripting language with a solid foundation
Lucee is the leading open-source CFML application server/engine. Lucee provides a lot of functionality (tags and functions) to deal with all kinds of web related actions. Manipulating images, PDF files, XML, string, numbers, dates and a lot more. You name it, Lucee does it for you! Lucee has built-in support not only to call existing web services, it can also generate web services for you in the most simple way.
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11 weeks ago by RBarnard
Team CF Advance
CFSelenium, ValidateThis, etc..
COLDFUSION  code_repo 
april 2019 by kbonnet

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