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Cold Weather Precautions For Your Water-Based Fire Systems
Here, in the Mid-Atlantic, cold weather and frigid temperatures are nothing new.
cold  weather  water-based  fire  systems 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Driving back home from a football match of Jannik. @ Fühlinger…
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8 days ago by othylmann
Heat - by ThereBeWhalesHere
“Do you remember the first time we got stuck in a cave together?” Jim asked, resting his weight against the body behind him. His voice echoed strangely against the walls, low and narrow and pressed in around them, and he had to shift to brush sharp nuggets of gravel from under his ass. They had lost the sound of the storm the farther they traipsed into the mountain, and now it was eerily silent but for the sound of their settling.

This deep into the cavern, the only light was the gently glowing stone they had heated with their phasers, a red ember shine a few feet away that cast tall, thin shadows along the wall.

“My memory is flawless, Jim,” Spock reminded him, his voice a rumble in his chest, breath against Jim’s ear. Jim smiled.

Spock tucked his arms under Jim’s, wrapped them around Jim’s chest as they got comfortable, or as comfortable as they could. The emergency blanket would provide scant padding for Spock’s back against the rough cave wall, but it draped warm around them as Jim drew his knees up to his chest, as Spock’s thighs bracketed his own. He felt cocooned, warm, safe. Spock always made him feel safe -- his strong arms and warm touch and that steady heartbeat Jim could feel low in his back. He hoped he made Spock feel safe, too.

“Come on, I’m reminiscing here. You remember what a fuss you put up about cuddling for warmth back then?”
st:tos  kirk/spock  stranded  cold  firsttimes 
15 days ago by runpunkrun
Cold Weather Uniform Tips for Outdoor Employees
Now that winter is approaching; it’s time to think about the risks of working outside in the cold temperatures.
cold  weather  gear  uniforms  job  safety 
23 days ago by Adventure_Web

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