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How to expertly pack a cooler | The Takeout
“‘Block ice wasn’t a thing to me growing up on the East Coast,’ says Lauren McFate, assistant manager of O.A.R.S. Canyonland, a river-raft and guiding company in Moab, Utah. ‘But Western readers will know what block ice is. That’s way more efficient than ice cubes; it’ll last longer.’ She also suggests filling reusable water bottles or jugs with water and freezing them; they’ll act as ice blocks and you can drink the liquid when it begins to melt. (Super-cold beer and soda work well, too.) Once your cooler is mostly full, sprinkle in cubed ice to fill in the gaps. Keep the drain plug open on your cooler so that when ice does melt, it doesn’t pool in the cooler.”
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17 days ago by handcoding
These Cold, Spicy Noodles Will Soothe Your Sweaty Soul
pickled ginger! looks good, can store in fridge for a bit for future use
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5 weeks ago by karma
Hair ice - Wikipedia
> Hair ice (also known as ice wool or frost beard) is a type of ice that forms on dead wood and takes the shape of fine, silky hair.[1] It is somewhat uncommon, and has been reported mostly at latitudes between 45–55 °N in broadleaf forests.[1][2] The meteorologist and discoverer of continental drift, Alfred Wegener, described hair ice on wet dead wood in 1918,[3] assuming some specific fungi as the catalyst, a theory mostly confirmed by Gerhart Wagner and Christian Mätzler in 2005
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5 weeks ago by porejide
Mountain Hardwear
Backpacking Clothing & Hiking Equipment. This company supplies Air Zermatt, the helicopter rescuers of the Matterhorn. Yet these down parkas and jumpsuits are actually amazingly affordable.
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7 weeks ago by chrismyth
A Discarded Napkin And A DNA Website Just Solved A 32-Year-Old Murder Case
32-year-old cold case solved after DNA record entered into national database
cold  cracked  case  dna  forensics  criminal  criminology  homicide  murder  rape 
7 weeks ago by gorillaBraun

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