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How Construction Workers Can Beat The Cold Weather
The dramatic change in temperature does not only cause a lot of people to become sick, but it creates hazardous outdoor working conditions. The good news is that there are plenty of steps site managers and construction workers can take to beat the cold temperatures and stay safe.
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CRYPTOTAG | We got your backup
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Phosphenes - by kianspo
Four steps. Eleven steps. Then three steps, and six steps. Then four steps again, the last one half-crumbled. Mians don’t really believe in symmetry, and every step is higher or narrower or the reverse, and there’s no system, no way of predicting it.

Jim is tired. His feet are heavy, his thighs are filled with lead as he pushes the muscles into action again and again, climbing the stairs, and he still stumbles over their bizarre arrangement, even after all those months. There’s graffiti on the wall that Jim still can’t read but of which he knows every curve. He’s been meaning to ask about it since the day they moved into the building. He still hasn’t. Maybe it doesn’t matter. The familiar if unknown word on the wall that marks his way—


Jim pushes the door open and walks into a small, murky room. A desk; a chair; a thick futon in the corner; a ‘wardrobe’ that’s in reality a big box with shelves. Jim has made all of this with his own hands, as surprised as anyone that he was any good at it. It’s crude but practical, and it’s not falling to pieces.


Spock looks up from where he’s sitting on the floor and reading, legs crossed, back ramrod straight against the wall. The wall is curved, a bit tipsy. There are no even walls in all of Mian.

“Jim.” Spock blinks, sneaks an uncertain glance out the window.

Jim doesn’t say anything, just shrugs his jacket off, hanging it on the hook by the door. Spock’s been losing track of time a lot lately. Jim isn’t sure what he’s meant to do about it.
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6 days ago by runpunkrun
How To Shorten The Duration Of Colds & Strengthen Your Immune System
11 full-proof ways to support your immune system, keep colds and flus at bay and recover faster from sickness.
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16 days ago by andrewcox
The Still Point of the Turning World - by TAFKAB
Leonard let himself into his quarters, resting his hand against the doorjamb. A wave of agony crested in his temple and he clutched desperately at the wall, ignoring the soft ding of the door reminding him to clear the way so it could close.

“Captain.” His Chief Medical Officer stood within, absolutely neat and tidy despite the turbulence of the battle. Spock held the flat black case that concealed his field medikit, his back straight and his expression composed. “I anticipated your need for assistance, sir.”

Pain concentrated itself into a white spike behind McCoy’s eyes. Everything he looked at blurred and doubled, and the faint, aseptic scent of carpet shampoo rising from the heavy-duty industrial rug beneath his feet made his stomach churn.

He shut his eyes and Spock’s hands caught him, warm points of focus that grounded him inside a body whose head wanted to go supernova.

“How many grains?” Spock’s voice penetrated as though from a distance.

“Three this time,” he said, voice hoarse in his own ears. “I kept trying to find a way for Rizzo.”
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