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Zinc for Colds: Does It Help? - Health
"The safe upper limit for zinc in adults is 40 milligrams per day"
Cold-Eeze Homeopathic Cold Remedy
cold  remedy  zinc  health  sick 
6 hours ago by outkast
August/September 2013: Spider Graphs and Cold Brew | Sweet Maria's Coffee Library
The Amazing Spider Graph! If you’re familiar with our coffee reviews you’ve probably seen a funny-looking diagram to describe each...
coffee  brew  cold 
19 days ago by jjames
August 2011: Cold Brew Experimentation | Sweet Maria's Coffee Library
We tested brewing methods for iced coffee and want to share the results.
coffee  cold  brew 
19 days ago by jjames
StudioPro 5 Channel DMX Digital Decoder - 8A per Channel
StudioPro 5 Channel DMX Digital Decoder - 8A per Channel
StudioPro  5  Channel  DMX  Digital  Decoder  -  8A  per  led  troffer  warm  cold 
26 days ago by kilroy2
Keep Your Feet Warm With This.. "Quick Trick" - YouTube
Great hack for cold feet even inside "insulated" winter boots; I'm going to try this!
winter  woods  hack  cold  insulation  video  boot  ice  snow 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
$20 DIY Smoking Gun - Cold Smoker : sousvide
I made this a couple months ago and the recent post of a DIY smoker and a request for more details prompted me to put this together.

Materials Needed:

Mini Vacuum on ebay

Smoking/Pipe Screens - 1 large - 1 small

3 feet of 1/4" interior diameter vinyl tubing

2 inches of 3/8" interior diameter vinyl tubing

Brass Hose Barb

I've added links to products similar to the ones I used and they're all available via Amazon but most items can be easily found locally for much less. I was able to buy the brass fitting and the vinyl tubing by the foot at a home improvement store. The pipe screens were less than 10 cents each at a local smoke shop. The ebay auction I linked to is by far the least expensive place to get the mini vacuum that I found.

Start by inserting the Small Pipe Screen in the mouth of the Brass Hose Barb. This is a secondary screen to catch any small particles to prevent them from entering the vacuum. Insert the brass hose barb into a 1.5" - 2" piece of 3/8" vinyl tubing. You will connect this to the top of the mini vacuum. If you buy the sizes I indicate they will fit perfectly on the mini vacuum I linked to. Finally connect a 3 foot piece of the 1/4" vinyl tubing directly to the side outlet vent (again these will dry fit firmly) or you can use the flexible plastic piece that comes with the vacuum. I find this a little easier to add and remove and is more flexible.

Once this is assembled, take the large pipe screen and form it into a cup using the back of a pen and insert it into the brass hose barb. This is where you will put your wood shavings. Any shavings work, I started by using larger pieces of hickory that I was shaving down using a microplane but it was time consuming so I purchased some of the PolyScience chips from the kitchen store. They work well and don't burn down quite as fast.

To use the smoker, apply a flame to the wood chips until they start to ignite and turn on the vacuum. Once the vacuum starts you can remove the flame and it will give you about 20-30 seconds of smoke. Believe me this is more than enough. It produces a nice dense smoke that can be very potent.

I put together a quick (and not my best work) video of the gun in action. Hope you enjoy!
food  drink  cooking  smoke  smoking  cold  gun  smokinggun  diy  howto 
6 weeks ago by geekgirl397
The Kepler Omicron Party - by summerofspock
“Any Federation vessels that approach the system will receive our signal. Based on typical patrol schedules, I would expect retrieval within 4 standard days,” Spock said to no one in particular. Jim heard the rousing of the cadets behind him.

“Excuse me, Professor but that is bullshit! If the Starbase is broadcasting a ward message, there is no way any ships are going to get close enough to pick up our signal,” Kyana said, a low purr underlying her words. Jim had heard that Caitians made that noise when they got angry but he’d never heard it firsthand.

Spock stood. “Cadet, you will control your tone. The parameters of the survival missions have only changed slightly. The weather precludes venturing onto the planet for more than a few hours at a time. We will stay in the shuttle for the time being and wait for Starfleet’s arrival.”

Jim stood up and yanked Spock into a corner of the shuttle as all the cadets began to talk amongst themselves. “Look, Professor, I know you think everything will turn out fine and Starfleet will ride in on their chariots but what if they don’t? If we stay in the shuttle and deplete our food stores too quickly, we’re going to be out of luck. We need to get a lay of the land and be prepared to fend for ourselves.”

Spock pulled his arm out of Jim’s grasp. “I would remind you, Cadet Kirk, that while we are here, I am your superior officer. Your insubordination will not be tolerated.”

“Insubordination?” Jim said incredulously. “It’s not insubordination. It’s logic.”

“It is fear, Cadet. Please desist from your panicked behavior. It will negatively affect morale.”

Jim ground his teeth and stepped away from the Professor. He wanted to believe that Starfleet would come but he had seen their failures firsthand.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  teacher/student  off-world  stranded  cold  fear  rejection  therapy  angry  recovery 
6 weeks ago by runpunkrun

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