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SNAP-10A - Wikipedia
Speaking of graveyard orbits, did you know that the first nuclear reactor we shot into space is still there? The reactor shut down, so they moved it into an
out-of-the-way orbit and just left it up there. Something to look forward to in 4,000 years, which is when it finally comes back down to Earth.
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20 days ago by kmt
youzicha — My favorite part about the economically dubious...
Roald Sagdeyev confirms Ustinov’s role in the final decision to build a Space Shuttle equivalent:

“I heard that [Buran] was adopted mainly due to insistence from Ustinov, who had made the following argument: if our scientists and engineers do not see any specific use of this technology now, we should not forget that the Americans are very pragmatic and very smart. Since they have invested a tremendous amount of money in such a project, they can obviously see some useful scenarios that are still unseen from Soviet eyes. The Soviet Union should develop such a technology, so that it won’t be taken by surprise in the future”
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april 2019 by kmt
The Ex-Cons
Interesting time capsule, since in seven months these guys would be all fired up again about terrorism.
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january 2019 by daniel.c.mccarthy
It'll Take an Army to Kill the Emperor
"Imagine cancer researchers as thousands of ships attempting to cross the Pacific, all with skills and tools that they have perfected in their home countries. Some have expert navigators. Others build the most watertight ships. If someone could combine the skills of the entire group, they could build a supership the likes of which has never been seen. Instead, they seem to communicate mostly by throwing paper airplanes at each other."
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january 2019 by bankbryan

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