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When Sky & Telescope Had No Limit - The New York Times
A wonderful article of a former editor at Sky & Telescope which looks kind of defunct
coink  astronomy  sky  telescope 
29 days ago by paunit
Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018
A large base survey (not sure of methodological aspects) on developers, both professional, hobbyists and gurus. Also contains fun facts on what specific stuff has stream and which technos are percieved as dreadful
coink  programming  stackoverflow  survey  dev 
6 weeks ago by paunit
The rising trend of 'no cash accepted' as European currency goes electronic | Verdict
Some data thas is pertient for the future of payment systems. Was looking for provider cost for cash infra (ATMs, etc) not clear what that is (approx £5bn in the uk apparently in 2018 see
coink  cashless  blockchain  europe  credit  card 
7 weeks ago by paunit
Mortal Republic: Edward Watts on what America can learn from Rome’s collapse - Vox
The fall of the Republic is a powerful theme (also like the fact US compare themselves to Rome)
coink  history  rome  republic  democracy  edward  watts 
7 weeks ago by paunit
Shoshana Zuboff Q&A: The Age of Surveillance Capital
A long article (quite politically engaged) on the structure of the flow of information from web, apps & co and secondary market for user data.
coink  surveillance  capitalism  shoshana  zuboff 
8 weeks ago by paunit
A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift - Free Ebook
The classic text of J Swift on eating children in Irland
coink  ireland  modest  proposal  jonathan  swift 
8 weeks ago by paunit
Recommended Star Catalogs
A list of star catalogs (from different sources) with details on how they can be used & astrometric quality
coink  star  catalog  astronomy  astrometry 
8 weeks ago by paunit
Capital markets reform: MiFID II (
A lengthy paper on the impacts of mifid ii before it went live; interesting prospects on what could happen
coink  finance  MIFID  markets 
9 weeks ago by paunit
A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach to Asset Pricing Experiments (Crockett Duffy)
An experiment on trading game re RatEx & market price of risk, with interesting features on how to simulate infinite horizon and intertemporal consumption smoothing.
coink  general  equilibrium  rational  expectations  finance  trading 
9 weeks ago by paunit
Introduction to General Equilibrium Asset Pricing
Finance meets economics - this is an agenda of a course in China (!) just for the references here to understand once and for all the market price of risk.
coink  finance  asset  price  general  equilibrium 
9 weeks ago by paunit
Asset Price Dynamics with Slow-Moving Capital (Darrell Duffie)
A very nice article on price dynamics in the presence of distracted and attentive investors with liquidity moving at different speed with various examples of predicatable and unpredicatable shocks
coink  finance  price  dynamics  liquidity  darrell  duffie 
9 weeks ago by paunit
List of participants classified as MTF/OTF/SI under MIFID
As the title says, published by ESMA (European market auth)
coink  ESMA  MIFID  MTF  OTF  SI  market  participants 
10 weeks ago by paunit

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