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Undefeated, ISIS Is Back in Iraq | by Aziz Ahmad | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
With the government falling short of its responsibilities to Iraq’s millions of returning displaced people, and unwilling or unable to rein in Shia militia rule, ISIS is winning the war for hearts and minds. Amid the general economic misery, reconstruction efforts have been held up in areas seen as having supported ISIS. Over the last year, some 32,000 internally displaced people have left camps and gone back to their homes elsewhere in Iraq, but a similar number of newly displaced people and refugees have joined the multitudes already living in flimsy tents in the Kurdistan region. Baghdad has allocated to Mosul, home to a full tenth of the country’s population, just 1 percent of the federal budget reserved for provinces. Even clearing the untold number of unexploded bombs and abandoned munitions will be a generational struggle. An international expert who leads part of that effort told me that with the limited resources, it will take a full five years to clear the province.
4 days ago by elizrael
Accept Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies | Payment Processor | FREE Multi-Coin Wallet
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4 weeks ago by twong
IRIN | US tightens counter-terror clampdown on Syria aid - Sep 22, 2018
The US government has reinforced counter-terrorism controls on aid operations in Syria. New contractual terms require US-funded organisations to get special permission to provide relief in areas controlled by extremist groups. The move further complicates aid operations for those trapped in Syria’s last rebel stronghold, Idlib, where two thirds of its three million people need assistance.
Mar15  JabhatAl-Nusra  COIN  terrorism  USG  aid  Idlib 
8 weeks ago by elizrael
Rightsizing the Transnational Jihadist Threat | Crisis Group
Yes, the Salafi-jihadist movement has dramatically increased in numbers since 2001. Jihadists’ sheer numbers and geographic spread are obviously a problem. But how much of a problem, and for whom, is debatable. How, for example, do we assess the threat posed by thousands of local soldiers who have enlisted circumstantially under a veteran jihadist core? Or that posed by the marginal jihadist, the last to join any group and, were conditions to change, likely the first to leave?
COIN  Salafis  al-Qaeda  ISIS  Mar15  JabhatAl-Nusra  AhrarAl-Sham  Taliban 
9 weeks ago by elizrael
mcdallas/gringotts: The Grin Wizard Bank
The Grin Wizard Bank. Contribute to mcdallas/gringotts development by creating an account on GitHub.
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