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Wildly inaccurate drawings of bikes
cogsci  cycling  mechanisms 
august 2018 by pozorvlak
The illusion of understanding | Meaningness
When challenged, regular cyclists were unable to draw bicycles that could actually work. They thought they understood bikes, but actually didn't.
This suggests a practice: when someone is ranting about a political proposal you disagree with, keep asking them “how would that part work?” Rather than raising objections, see if you can draw them into developing an ever-more-detailed causal explanation. If they succeed, they might change your mind! If not—they might change their own.</bl...
learning  politics  cogsci  ethics  cycling 
august 2018 by pozorvlak
Why Sexism and Racism Never Diminish-Even When Everyone Becomes Less Sexist and Racist - Marginal REVOLUTION
"But our studies suggest that even well-meaning agents may sometimes fail to recognize the success of their own efforts, simply because they view each new instance in the decreasingly problematic context that they themselves have brought about."
science  cogsci  psychology  socialjustice  abuse  racism  sexism 
july 2018 by pozorvlak
Are visuomotor representations cognitively penetrable? Biasing action-guiding vision | SpringerLink
Are visuomotor representations cognitively penetrable? Biasing action-guiding vision
cogsci  brain  ml  vision  embodiedcogsci  embodied 
june 2018 by danbri
Working Memory and External Memory
Human working memory holds information relevant to the current task; a physical or virtual external memory can help in tasks with a high working-memory burden.
webdesign  cogsci  memory 
april 2018 by emerysnyder

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