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working memory and anxiety. Beilock and Willingham. See also footnote number 8: Randall W. Engle "Working memory capacity as Executive attention"
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Diary of a concussion: what I learned about head injuries by having one
You don’t even need to be hit on the head to have one. Your brain is a gelatinous mass, floating in a pool of cerebrospinal fluid inside your skull. A concussion occurs when the brain hits the skull, even if the person’s head doesn’t collide with an object. Whiplash alone can generate a concussion. After all, it doesn’t take much to deform Jell-O. The force of the impact with the skull can cause the brain to twist or even rebound against the other side of the skull.

The result is chaos, says John Leddy, a concussion expert at the University of Buffalo. Brain cells stretch and twist, blood vessels become leaky, and the chemicals that the brain uses to communicate dump at random into the spaces between brain cells. The electrical activity of the brain is dampened. There’s a period of diminished activity from brain cells, as well as reduced blood flow in the brain, according to research on the concussion cascade.

Personality is a major part of how we understand ourselves; in fact, we use it as a reference for famous people, like a television personality. To have your personality altered by brain trauma seems to upset people more than having it altered by, for instance, emotional trauma. I don’t know why this is! But everyone’s personality changes over the course of a lifetime, usually gradually — and that’s not just true of Americans, either. Perhaps it’s the suddenness of the personality change that frightens people, or perhaps it raises scary questions about identity.
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David Chalmers
I work in the philosophy of mind and in related areas of philosophy and cognitive science. I am especially interested in consciousness, but am also interested in all sorts of other issues in the philosophy of mind and language, metaphysics and epistemology, and the foundations of cognitive science.
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