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A Complete Psychological Analysis of Trump's Support | Psychology Today
Whether we want to or not, we must try to understand the Donald Trump phenomenon, as it has completely swept the nation and also fiercely divided it. What is most baffling about it all is Trump’s apparent political invincibility. via Pocket
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9 days ago by ChristopherA
Reddit Nootropics | Last year's top links
Can ask authors for research papers and they'll send for free
Dehydration and CO2 reduce cognitive performance
10 minutes of rest/reflection after learning increases recall by 40% 1w later
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15 days ago by dandv
Forget monoliths vs. microservices. Cognitive load is what matters. | TechBeacon
For innovative software organizations, managing the overall cognitive load on their teams is a guiding development and operational principle.
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22 days ago by cailenm
Okahina Wave. the first artificial and eco-friendly surfing wave
A wave in a natural environment: sea, lake, rivers or any water body in the cities. A floating atoll without concrete pool and water filtration system. A wave every 15 seconds, hollowing and barreling. A 30 seconds ride and, in a specific setting, an endless artificial wave. A nature inspired technology, economic in energy consumption with no impact on the environment. An artificial reef for the natural aquatic fauna and flora.
26 days ago by sustainitycoach

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