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Miamimagazine: RT themensbook: Here are Miami's hottest right now [via Miamima…
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26 days ago by wisecatrealtors
Here Are Miami's Hottest Coffee Shops Right Now
Miamimagazine: RT themensbook: Here are Miami's hottest right now [via Miamima…
coffeeshops  from twitter
26 days ago by wisecatrealtors
Aaron Bady on Twitter: "When you read about history of "The Coffee Shop," writers LOVE to gloss over the Middle-Eastern origin so they can get to the fun part where England invents The Public Sphere"
"When you read about history of "The Coffee Shop," writers LOVE to gloss over the Middle-Eastern origin so they can get to the fun part where England invents The Public Sphere

My man Ralph Hattox in 1985 seems to know what's up, tho

love "the near east"

"Once coffee had been taken out of the context of the Sufi dhikr and introduced into general consumption, it was embraced by an entirely different group of advocates, and with them the associations and images connected with the drink changed..."

"...While it remained one of the props of the nocturnal devotional services of the Sufis, others, perhaps less spiritually inclined, found it a pleasant stimulus to talk and sociability. From this the coffeehouse was born"

"If you draw the analogy between coffee and intoxicants you are drawing a false one . . . One drinks coffee with the name of the lord on his lips, and stays awake, while the person who seeks wanton delight in intoxicants disregards the Lord, and gets drunk""
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april 2019 by robertogreco
a bit of magic realizam. nice bit of blue sky spotted in morning coffee
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april 2019 by krishnau
why you neh go starbucks
When you want to go confess to your idiot friend, choose a better location.
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january 2019 by claudine
Italy invented coffee culture. Now it’s a coffee time capsule. - The Washington Post
As a relative newcomer to Italy, I wasn’t ready to proclaim that the country that invented and perfected the espresso machine has been doing it all wrong. But already I’d been wondering why the modern coffee era, with its new brewing techniques and specialty beans, seemed to have largely passed Italy by.
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january 2019 by acidRight
Drake's BrewHouse - Dallas | Restaurant Review - Zagat
“Don't be fooled by the brewhouse name, this Upper Greenville Avenue spot is all about espresso drinks, not beer. Baristas hand-craft hot, cold and frozen coffee creations, as well as teas, hot chocolate and a small selection of panini and other lighter fare in a cozy brick-lined space with convenient bicycle parking for those coming off the nearby trails.”
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october 2017 by handcoding
lying is the most fun a boy can have
“Let me see?” Carla leaned over his arm to look at his phone. “Who’s that in your wallpaper? Isn’t that the guy you were getting all those pictures of?”


Yuuri sucked in a breath, fully prepared to undergo the humiliation of having to explain who Viktor Nikiforov was and fully aware that every time he talked about Viktor, he gave people the impression that there was something definitely wrong with him.

“Who is he, a friend?” Carla nudged him in the side with her elbow. Yuuri moved away. “Your boyfriend?”

“Well—” How to explain, Yuuri thought, that he was a Viktor Nikiforov stan and that photographs of Viktor cuddling his poodle always made him smile, without looking creepy? “He’s, uh…”

“Oh my god,” Carla said. Her mouth dropped open. “You have a boyfriend. Is that why you keep turning down dates? You should have said! And here I am hitting on you like an idiot. Oh, man, James is going to die, he’s been trying to get you to have dinner with him for like two semesters, he thought he was wearing you down! Yuuri. You are such a heartbreaker.”
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september 2017 by claudine
Have you ever visited one of great independent ? What did you love the most?
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march 2017 by countrystays

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