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BBC - Future - How do you decaffeinate coffee?
The first person to hit upon a practical decaffeination method was another German, Ludwig Roselius, the head of the coffee company Kaffee HAG. Roselius discovered the secret to decaffeination by accident. In 1903, shipment of coffee had been swamped by seawater in transit – leaching out the caffeine but not the flavour. Roselius worked out an industrial method to repeat it, steaming the beans with various acids before using the solvent benzene to remove the caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee was born.
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金杯计算器微信小程序上线一周,已经有数千名用户使用,并将其添加到“我的小程序”里。得到了很多咖啡爱好者积极的反馈。 via Pocket
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The Coffee Works
Black mountain and Australian gold
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