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The Full Four Seasons - ravenclawsquill - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco Malfoy just wants a quiet life. He has a successful business, a lovely wife, and a delightfully horrible circle of friends. He’s fine. Or, he was fine until Harry Potter thundered into his life with all the subtlety of a blast-ended skrewt and turned everything on its head. Now he’s beginning to wonder if ‘fine’ is enough, after all.
fic  ao3  potter  draco/harry  E  ravenclawsquill  post-war  C  multi  CD  slow-burn  coffee-shop 
12 weeks ago by wellfourthings
Making The Most Of Your Quarter-Life Crisis by Azrielle Jones
AU in which Lex doesn't go back to Smallville after the meteor shower. Written for Wave 30 of the CLFF Challenge, February 2009. Prompt: "Good night. Or, if you wish, good morning. I shall never say goodbye." – Marie Antoinette, 1938
Summary: Lex wants more from life, but in the meantime, he'll have a latte.
// THIS IS THE PURPLE CONVERSE AU. Lex quits his soul-killing job for his father and runs away to Hipster Paradise... in 2009... which was before Hipster Paradise was a thing. Coffee, grumpy cats, fascinating elderly neighbors, and a dreamy, beaming Clark. Like pulling on a favorite battered flannel shirt!
clark/lex  AU  coffee-shop  cats  aww  satisfying 
november 2016 by corriander

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