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Beto O’Rourke’s weird beat poem about wind power | Grist
Beto O’Rourke’s weird beat poem about wind power
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7 hours ago by slogger
The White House calls food stamp funds for Puerto Rico “excessive and unnecessary” | Grist
The White House calls food stamp funds for Puerto Rico “excessive and unnecessary”
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8 hours ago by slogger
Elad Blog: Interesting Markets: 2019 Edition
Just as there was a prior prosumer wave as part of IT productivity 1.0, we are experiencing a new "devsumer" wave, where consumers are more likely to take on lighter versions of developer-like work and products.

A number of products have emerged that allow people to build simple software applications, or to use templated applications for their own work flow or productivity. You can think of this as taking a SQL database or excel spreadsheet and turning it into an app platform. These companies include Airtable and, in a vertical way specific to internal tools, Retool.

In a different market segment, Notion and Coda are focused on the future of docs & productivity software, while other companies, such as Zapier and IFTTT allow you to simply stitch together APIs into workflows. There is the old saying that money is made by either bundling or unbundling products or services. Devsumer companies are virtually re-bundling disparate productivity tools into single companies.
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13 hours ago by twwoodward
Doctors call on the health sector to take action on climate change | Grist
Doctors call on the health sector to take action on climate change
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14 hours ago by slogger
The debate is over: The oceans are in hot, hot water | Grist
The debate is over: The oceans are in hot, hot water
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yesterday by slogger
Wiki labels - Meta
Only for Wikipedia: “Wiki labels is a human computation system for use in "Wiki labels" WikiProjects. In order to perform difficult analyses (e.g. measuring the quality of newcomers over time[1]) and train intelligent wiki-tools like ORES (e.g. for detecting vandalism[2][3][4] and assessing the quality of articles[5][6][7]), we need labeled data (also known as "hand coding") and lots of it. The Wiki labels human computation system is designed to make collaboratively labeling wiki artifacts quick and easy. The system is implemented as a MediaWiki gadget/server pair in JavaScript/CSS and Python/Flask/Postgres.”
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yesterday by junkie.dolphin

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