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Automated code reviews & code analytics | Codacy
Automatically identify issues through static code review analysis. Get notified on security issues, code coverage, code duplication, and code complexity in every commit and pull request, directly from your current workflow. High-security standards. Identify OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and prevent critical issues from affecting your product. Code standardization. Make sure your code quality is standardized across all teams and projects by applying code patterns and getting notified on new issues. Tailored to your needs. Save time by knowing which set standards are being broken and getting insights on how to tackle them. Integrated in your workflow. Get notified where it matters to you. Speed up the process by receiving notifications as pull request comments or on Slack.
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9 weeks ago by dlkinney
How to do a code review
Google’s Engineering Practices documentation
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10 weeks ago by phubbard
10 tips for reviewing code you don't like - Red Hat Developer Blog
Avoid hyperbolic or bombastic assertions, avoid argument strategies, avoid elitist or demeaning language, and avoid constructs like “obviously” and “why don’t you just…”. Use clear, factual statements and supportive language, ask questions, and move things forward. Remember that coworkers and contributors are human people, and their time is worthy of the same respect as yours.
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july 2019 by dlb

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