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advisory | HIGH 7-8/10 expected in London by Sunday. Building from Friday. is *c…
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confirmed with ozone expected to trigger . Massive episode underway with peak…
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Breaking | Defra issues 24-hour ozone for London. Please ask people *not* t…
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RT : weather today. Thx to 's Office of Human Services for providing cooling centers. Stay indoors!
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c-base logbuch » Blog Archive » Launch of CODE RED, 20.04.2015 20 Uhr @ c-base
On Monday 20th April, c-base will host the launch of this very
initiative. Code Red involves such figures as Tor’s Jacob Appelbaum,
former NSA technical director William Binney, crypto pioneer Whitfield
Diffie, security guru Bruce Schneier along with a spectrum of
influential activists from US presidential candidates to hard-core
privacy campaigners in fifteen countries.

Led by Simon Davies – father of the international privacy activist
movement, and Annie Machon – former MI5 intelligence officer turned
whistleblower, Code Red aims to raise the heat on resistance to the
surveillance state. It will be a strategic think-tank, clearing house
and network hub for technologists and activists across the world. In
this event, Davies and Machon will outline their plans and set out
Code Red’s program for the coming year
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