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We, Programmers, are Gardeners – Simone Robutti – Medium
Too often you might see the profession of the software developer being associated with the practice of the artisan. This is a common trope, picked up mostly by people that feel detached from the…
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19 days ago by gilberto5757
Google loses Android battle and could owe Oracle billions of dollars - Mar. 27, 2018
As of 2016, Oracle was seeking about $9 billion from Google. But because APIs have become much more widespread over the years, a court could decide that Oracle deserves more, said Christopher Carani, a partner with McAndrews, Held & Malloy and a professor at Northwestern's law school.
8 weeks ago by tophfisher
Qt Has A Super Busy Year Ahead With A Lot Of Features Planned For 2018 - Phoronix
Tuukka Turunen of The Qt Company has shared some of the company's plans for the Qt toolkit in 2018.
12 weeks ago by tophfisher
Unlucky Linux boxes trampled by NPM code update, patch zapped • The Register
Devs stumble into pre-release beta by using command they didn't understand
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12 weeks ago by tophfisher

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