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Coders who trade: Wall Street designs its staff for the future | Bloomberg Professional Services
"For years, the investment bank recruited top coders to help its army of traders execute strategies with software, a role that’s becoming ever more important in a new era of automation. But the technology gurus seen as the future kept quitting while traditional traders stayed.

The firm’s solution: Register coders as full traders and hand them control of their desks. That move already is shaping who will run the trading division for decades to come."
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yesterday by gohai
Difference between a coder, programmer, developer and software engineer
Maybe you have heard about these job titles in the past, but what exactly is the difference between them? Here are the exact differences
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9 days ago by gilberto5757
Eat Sleep Code Repeat. Do you know a ?
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11 days ago by cnu
Using Covering Indexes to Improve Query Performance - Simple Talk
Designers of database systems will often assume that the use of a clustered index is always the best approach. However the nonclustered Covering index will usually provide the optimum performance of a query.
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9 weeks ago by scully

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