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CodePen - (Image Trace Loader) Lazy loading with inline SVG

Image Trace Loader
Loads images and exports traced outlines as image/svg+xml URL-encoded data


I saw Mikael Ainalem's fantastic CodePen showcasing this technique, and I wanted a way to automate the process.
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yesterday by Shoord
Outline * Bookmarklet
via @joedolson: "Useful thing! Bookmarklet to impose a focus outline on focusable objects on a page. #a11y"
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4 days ago by handcoding
Playing around on with what I learned in and 's SVG animation workshop at –…
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8 days ago by locuna
CodePen - Lazy loading with inline SVG
This is a great way to give your users an understanding of what is about to load (once the images finally come down the wire ;)
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11 days ago by justinavery

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