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Dolby Atmos Content to test? | MacRumors Forums
Atmos objects and metadata can be added (in backwardly compatible manner) to exactly 2 audio codec formats : DD+ (lossy) and TrueHD (lossless)
Atmos  objects  and  metadata  added  (in  backwardly  compatible)  to  2  audio  codec  formats  :  DD+  (lossy)  TrueHD  (lossless) 
13 days ago by kilroy2
ff·Works brings a fresh approach to using FFmpeg, to create ultra high quality movies without the need to write any single command-line code
video  tools  osx  ffmpeg  codec  export  software 
4 weeks ago by jeanpoole
MagicYUV – Lossless video codec
A high-performance, ultra-fast, mathematically lossless video codec for recording, archiving, post-production and editing at high resolutions.
codec  video  lossless  nle  editor 
10 weeks ago by cothrun

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