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Typedefs - Programming language agnostic type construction and interchange language
A programming language agnostic type construction and interchange language solidly grounded in mathematics. With Typedefs, you can: Define types; Define terms (values) of those types; Serialize and deserialize such types and terms.
These can then be interchanged between heterogeneous systems.
DSL  schema  mapping  serialization  opensource  polyglot  code-generation 
yesterday by liqweed
Retroswagger - Generates Kotlin code for Retrofit 2 based on Swagger
A library that generates kotlin code for Retrofit 2 based on a Swagger endpoint. Includes an Annotation Processor to configure and generate the code on build time.
HTTP  REST  client  Kotlin  API  schema  code-generation  opensource 
15 days ago by liqweed
StateForge - State machine generator & state diagram editor
State machine code generators.
Tranform a state machine description into C#, Java or C++ source code.
UML semantics: hierarchical, concurrent, asynchronous, entry/exit and history state.
An extended version of state pattern is generated.
code-generation  visualization  diagrams  workflow  Java  tools  editors 
5 weeks ago by liqweed
99designs/gqlgen: go generate based graphql server library
go generate based graphql server library. Contribute to 99designs/gqlgen development by creating an account on GitHub.
github  go  generation  golang  graphql  ifttt  Activity  api  backerman’s  code  code-generation 
7 weeks ago by xer0x
Ap4k - Java annotation processors for Kubernetes
A collection of Java annotations and processors for generating Kubernetes/Openshift manifests at compile time.

It makes generating Kubernetes manifests as easy as adding: @KubernetesApplication on your main class.

Stop wasting time editing xml, json and yml and customize the kubernetes manifests using annotations.
Kubernetes  Java  template-engine  code-generation  DSL  opensource 
december 2018 by liqweed

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