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redstarssystems/metrics: Metrics library designed to perform application monitoring.
Metrics library designed to perform application monitoring. - redstarssystems/metrics
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2 days ago by fmjrey
This a Yammer|Codahale|Dropwizard Metrics extension to instrument JDBC resources and measure SQL execution times.

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DataSource level

Wrap your existing DataSource using JdbcProxyFactory or MetricsSql builder class:

metricRegistry = new MetricRegistry();
dataSource = MetricsSql.forRegistry(metricRegistry)
.wrap("mysql", mysqlDataSource);

The String mysql is a datasource Id used in metric names.
Connection level

Same as DataSource

metricRegistry = new MetricRegistry();
connection = MetricsSql.forRegistry(metricRegistry)
.wrap("mysql", mysqlConnection);

Driver level

Register Metrics SQL JDBC Driver: replace the original JDBC driver by com.github.gquintana.metrics.sql.Driver
Change JDBC URL prefix: jdbc:xxx becomes jdbc:metrics:xxx


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april 2015 by bfritz
(JVM) Metrics + Grails = Awesomeness | Voxxed
So I would like this application to behave properly, and in a more than ideal world, what I would want to find would be :

Operation manuals – how to setup and configure the application
Start and stop scripts
Monitoring entry points
Healthchecks for load balancers and monitoring tools
Latches for maintenance: easy way to make a web app return 503 errors on purpose (maintenance mode). For instance, to remove it from a load balancer and update its configuration while the rest of the servers are happily serving requests).

You often find 1 and 2, but I’ve rarely found any of last 3 items in that list. Have you ever seen all of that in your standard, out-of-the-box Java application?

To my knowledge, only one Java framework has most of that embedded right into its core: Dropwizard. Check it out. That fat jar idea: including everything the application needs into one big jar file, including the servlet container, and use an external configuration file in YML is a dream come true for an operator.
Enter metrics

From the same nice guys who wrote DropWizard comes a very fine library, metrics, which plugs easily into any Java application and provides annotations to add meters, gauges, histograms, etc…to any method in your application. You can also easily write simple health checks.

The library also comes with a servlet that allows anyone (so you have to take care of controlling access to that servlet in the container) to access the recorded metrics as simple JSON documents, and a simple page which will return a 500 HTTP return code if one of the registered health checks doesn’t pass.
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february 2015 by bfritz
go-metrics - Go port of Coda Hale's Metrics library
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february 2014 by pinterb

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