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GitHub - michaeleisel/ZippyJSON: A much faster version of JSONDecoder
A much faster version of JSONDecoder. Contribute to michaeleisel/ZippyJSON development by creating an account on GitHub.
json  swift  codable 
12 weeks ago by acrookston
Better Codable Through Property Wrappers
Great solution when you want to decode an array of objects, where some of them are invalid. This prevents failing the entire array, essentially ignoring the invalid ones and taking in only the good stuff.
swift5.1  propertywrappers  codable  array  decode 
november 2019 by aleck
mikeash/BinaryCoder at 887cecd70c070d86f338065f59ed027c13952c83
An example implementation of Swift.Codable using a simple binary format - mikeash/BinaryCoder
codable  binary  swift  example_code 
september 2019 by jbkcc
JohnSundell/Codextended: Extensions giving Swift's Codable API type inference super powers 🦸‍♂️🦹‍♀️
Extensions giving Swift's Codable API type inference super powers 🦸‍♂️🦹‍♀️ - JohnSundell/Codextended
swift  codable  ios 
april 2019 by acrookston

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