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Easy Pots de Creme (vegan) — Food, Pleasure & Health
good, easy, need food processor. a bit salty, reduce sea salt and use table; chill at least 10 hours & serve directly from fridge
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12 days ago by karma
An intimate portrait of Thailand’s coconut farmers

I recently travelled to Thailand’s Ratchaburi province to photograph the farmers of Harmless Harvest— a popular fair trade, organic coconut water. Rather than the typical advertising campaigns of palm trees and coconuts on a beach, we set out to create a window into the life of the real agriculturists behind the label: the harvesters who work on family-run plantations. These portraits would be used all over Los Angeles, New York, and beyond as print advertisements and billboards.

The people we chose to celebrate in the images are hardworking and proud stewards of nature. Within the vast irrigation canals of the coconut fields is an ecosystem of mixed agriculture: rare herbs on top to prevent soil erosion, medicinal grasses grown on the sides, and schools of fish within the water itself. Instead of using pesticides, a variety of beneficial insects are released into the fields to battle pests.
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28 days ago by bwiese
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe | Serious Eats
These cookies are crisp around the edges and chewy in the middle, with a brown butter-like aroma thanks to some culinary slight of hand—the subtle use of dry malt extract and nutmeg to create some of the toasty, nutty flavors that traditional butter cookies develop as they brown. The result is a cookie that needs no disclaimer—it's not "good for a vegan recipe," it's just plain good.

Why It Works

The cocoa butter in chopped chocolate flavors and thickens this dough, which won't behave the same with mass-produced morsels.
Refined coconut oil is odorless and flavorless, with a melting point and creaming properties similar to butter.
Nutmeg adds a sense of butteriness.
The toasty flavor of dry malt extract mimics the taste of brown butter.
An oat slurry provides water, protein, and emulsification, much like a whole egg, but with a subtle flavor that blends seamlessly with the dough.
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4 weeks ago by nyx

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