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Karen Elmir Interview - YouTube
Karen Elmir says: “Behind every successful real estate sale is the work of our highly experienced international team that excels at coordinating hundreds of details into a single, powerful sales opportunity. Since 2007. The Elmir Group is who the most discerning property owners trust with their sales – because our track record and our personal commitment demands nothing less” Want to know more about Karen Elmir? Meet Karen!
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13 days ago by elmirgroup
Curried Lentil, Tomato, and Coconut Soup Recipe | Bon Appetit
almost as delicious as their other curry lentil soup but much simpler. next time:
- try cayenne/hot paprika/jalapeno instead of pepper flakes
- try with spinach added as well
- more/fresher ginger
lentils  soup  vegan  coconut  tomato  curry  eat 
17 days ago by theletterc
Shrimp with Coconut Milk Grits & XO Sauce Recipe on Food52
You can put XO sauce on just about anything, from noodles to scrambled eggs, but I decided to try it on traditional shrimp and grits and was astounded by how well it all works together. The creamy grits are a perfect counterbalance to the umami-rich XO sauce. You can use traditional cream to make the grits, but I chose coconut milk to keep the dish from being too heavy—plus, it was another nod in the Asian direction.
recipe  "asian"  american  cereals&grains  coconut  dairy  shellfish  herbs  must-try 
4 weeks ago by nyx
Aria on the Bay Miami - YouTube
New luxury condo Aria on the Bay in Miami! Subscribe to my channel for more!! For more information about Aria on the Bay Keep you informed of our latest news: Ask Karen Elmir!
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6 weeks ago by elmirgroup

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