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Borderland Beat: The Sicario’s Tale, Part 2: Inside Pablo Escobar’s Cocaine Air Force
When the processed cocaine was ready it was flown from the lab to all over the world in airplanes with great cargo capacity and good autopilot capabilities. The ideal plane was the King 300. The interior would be dismantled, the chairs removed, anything superfluous or heavy thrown out and replaced with containers. Additional fuel could be carried on the wings. Depending on the destination, it could carry [up to] 700-900 kilos [1,540 – 1,980 lbs] of cocaine.
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NZ father, son ‘holiday’ launches drug cartel, massive investigation
Ryszard Wilk and his son Ralph arrived in New Zealand in September 2016, telling immigration officials they were here for a holiday. They’re unlikely to have attracted much attention — it was a record month for visitors, with almost 250,000 holiday-makers stepping onto New Zealand soil.
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