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MIL-C-17 M17/2 - M17/47 Coaxial Cable from Allied Wire and Cable
There are several different variations to the design of M17 coaxial cable, mostly in the form of the conductor. Depending on the specific type of M17 coaxial cable, the conductor could be made of bare copper, tin or silver-coated copper, copper clad steel, annealed copper clad-steel, silver-coated copper-clad steel, annealed copper-clad aluminum, copper-beryllium alloy or annealed copper beryllium.
CAMS  coax 
may 2018 by andyho
Coax Cables Assembly
The article provides a detailed procedure in the assembly of rf coax cables for use in rf and microwave communications. The connection assembly and the transmission and reflection coefficients become very important at these frequencies.
coax  cable  assembly 
january 2018 by anandsoft
RF Measurements - Co Axial Cable Test
The article provides a way of measuring various parameters of an rf coaxial cable. One most important property of a coax is the VSWR, short for Voltage Standing Wave Ratio. This is also expressed in terms of Return Loss (RL).
coax  measurement  vswr  return  loss 
january 2018 by anandsoft
Dual Dielectric Coax Calculator
Coaxial Cable Impedance Calculator allows you to enter the Outer Diameter Dielectric width, Inner conductor Diameter width and either the Dielectric Constant or Velocity of Propagation (VoP) values in order to calculate the impedance of the coax.
dual  dielectric  coax  calculator 
december 2017 by anandsoft
Rf Tools for Impedence Measurement
Tools are provided for measurement of cable impedance, Dual Dielectric Coax Calculator, Milli Watts to dBm Calculator, dBm to Milli Watts Calculator, Reactance Calculator, reflection coefficient Calculator
return loss Calculator, and return loss Calculator(by using VSWR)
Skin Depth Calculator
VSWR Calculator
VSWR Calculator(by using RL)
Wire Over Ground Calculator
Dual  Dielectric  Coax  Calculator  Milli  Watts  to  dBm  Reactance  reflection  coefficient  return  loss  (by  using  VSWR)  Skin  Depth  VSWR  Calculator(by  RL)  Wire  Over  Ground 
december 2017 by anandsoft
Co-axial Cable Assembly Tool
The page offers a tool for configuring custom co-axial cable by specifying the end connectors, cable type, and required insertion and return losses. It can be saved in pdf format and the spec may be emailed after completing the configuration.
coax  cable  assembly  tool  co-axial  cables 
december 2017 by anandsoft

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