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Scott Frost: Can Huskers great lead Nebraska out of darkness? |
“There’s a formula that worked at Nebraska for 30 years,” he says. “If you were in any business and your company was the best-performing business in the sector or in the top two or three—and Nebraska was arguably the best program for 30 years—and then for the next 15 years you have average-to-poor performance, you’re stupid if you don’t look back and say, ‘What made our company the best in our sector?’ Well, the leadership on campus and in the AD office ruined this place because it was either guys who thought, I wanna do it my way, let’s go get a West Coast offense guy, or they didn’t understand what made Nebraska so good for all of those years.”
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Top 3 Marketing Trends for Scaling Your Expert Business in 2018
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Are Marshall Goldsmith’s Triggers the Only Way to Change?
The world’s most eminent executive coach demonstrates the high level of discipline needed for sustainable leadership development.
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