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Quin Snyder's Russian Detour Made Him One of the NBA's Top Coaches - VICE Sports
"I think in any situation as a coach you try to treat your players with respect, and that, to me, is the most effective way of communicating," Snyder said. "No different than guys I've coached in the D-League or guys I've coached in the NBA. I think if players know that you're trustworthy in some sense and you do what you say, they know there's an earnestness about you trying to help them improve. That's the foundation of the relationship."
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7 days ago by abemaingi
Warriors assistant Ron Adams commands NBA’s respect - SFGate
More than an elite tactician, Adams is an ideal fit for Golden State’s egalitarian ethos. He is detail-oriented without being overbearing. When players rib him for his age or eccentricities, Adams chuckles and fires back. Seldom does someone suggest a tweak to the defensive scheme without Adams giving it meaningful thought.
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7 days ago by abemaingi
Elevate Emerging Leaders with BetterUp Coaching
Cultivate a Coaching Culture
Personalized leadership development for employees at all levels
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7 days ago by paulp
Say Hello To My Little Friend: BRADs | theLLaBB
Nice discussion of why players should be coached on shooting straight and aiming for the back rim and down rather than over the front/middle.
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8 days ago by axodys
So what is a Coach and what is a Trainer? | LinkedIn
"The Coach should be able to ask the right questions and make sure the recipient team is moving in the right direction toward their own objective. The recipient team is normally providing all the content themselves. The more the Coach keeps the process moving along and resists him or herself from providing content in the discussion, the more effective they will be."
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8 days ago by niksilver

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