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More than the mustache: 45 things to know about Oregon strength coach Aaron Feld – The Athletic
21. “I don’t consider myself to be in the upper levels of intelligence. I just pay attention. Why study for four hours the night before when I can pay attention for 15 minutes three days a week in class?”
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10 days ago by abemaingi
How to Give Negative Feedback When Your Organization Is “Nice”

Increasing candor and feedback does not give any of us license to say whatever we want, however we want, whenever we want. This is not about venting or getting something off our chests.

Expect and lean into discomfort and mistakes. Like learning any new skill, getting better at candor and feedback will be uncomfortable and you will do it unskillfully at the start. We learn by trying, getting it wrong, understanding our errors, and then trying again. Since candor and feedback involve other people, there will likely be misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or other kinds of conflict. Don’t expect yourself to skip this part of your learning or for this to feel natural or easy. Neither will happen. Your discomfort and mistakes mean you’re on the right path.
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10 days ago by jefframnani
How Brands Are Forming Deeper Connections By Providing Concierge-Style Service
American luxury fitness company Equinox added sleep coaches to its training offering Tier X, working with customers to construct a personalized daily routine to improve sleep quality in order to enhance athletic performance. Coaches analyze a customer’s sleep quality by measuring metabolic rate against daily habits. From this analysis, coaches can suggest incremental tweaks to daily behavior, such as limiting phone use and night snacks before bed, to improve quality and duration of sleep.
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12 days ago by koenkas
Fear, Coaches, and the Will To Fail - GeePaw Hill
Thoughts on coaching and imposter syndrome.

The hardest part: be willing to fail.
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13 days ago by jefframnani

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