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George Kao - Authentic Advice for Soulful Entrepreneurs
Not too pricey since coaching is always pricey. But obviously outside of my range.
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yesterday by skinnymuch
Tom Coughlin’s Return Coincides With Jacksonville’s Revival - The New York Times
> Coughlin’s penchant for precision and discipline are everywhere, including the focus on getting to meetings early and the way uniforms are worn. For a team that has had a reputation as one of the league’s most undisciplined organizations, little things like that matter.
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6 days ago by porejide
Why I joined a $25k business mastermind - Primoz Bozic
But even though I already had mentors that would help me out when I needed their help, I felt like I really lacked a 1on1 business coach that would sit down with me, take a look at my whole business and tell me what I’m doing well and what I can do better.

I wanted to eliminate the guesswork from my business and have access to someone who’s been there and done exactly what I wanted to do – built a multiple 7-figure online business.

I knew that if I could have someone as experienced as Derek look at my sales page, sales funnel or growth strategy for my business, that could easily help me double my online business this year.

I also knew from the past that many successful online entrepreneurs made similar investments early on in their careers.

One of my mentors Ramit Sethi regularly talks about how he joined an elite mastermind from Jay Abraham and how he flew in all over the country 1x/month just to meet with him for 45 minutes.

Another friend and mentor of mine, Selena Soo talks about how she hired a high-end business coach relatively early in her career as well so she was able to rapidly grow her consulting business.

I do believe that once you hit the low multiple six figures with your business, a high-end mastermind like this can be a phenomenal investment and a great use of your time – especially as it becomes increasingly harder to find people that you can continue learning from in the online business world.
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6 days ago by lwhlihu
Xavi interview with El País, January 8th 2018 (translated) : soccer
"Q: These positional changes for the players that we saw with Guardiola's Bayern or Tuchel's BVB confuse the opponent, but they also mean more physical and mental exhaustion for your own team. How do you avoid that?
A: I don't see it that way. This isn't just about switching a position. We have to talk about understanding the game. You don't teach the player to switch positions. You teach him to understand the game. A Qatari player doesn't understand the why. I drive up the pitch with the ball at my feet and he moves towards me. "What are you doing? We're going to hit each other!" He comes within a meter of me and I say "If Maradona and Pele played within a meter of each other I would be the best defender in the world against them." Have them play 15 meters apart. What do you do? Who do you cover? They can pass the ball to each other without failing for 3 days. Cruyff talked about the accordion: opening the pitch, understanding where the free space is. If Iniesta is here then I can't be in the same space. In the right moment, if he's under pressure, then I can provide an outlet for him. Barca's advantage is that it has worked on these things for years.
Q: Barca's idea was the last one to transform football. What's the next paradigm going to be?
A: Talent always wins against physicality. The day that won't happen it's going to be shifty because the game will be boring. And because I think that talent always comes out on top, what we need to exploit is that: making the players understand why. Why must you stand there? Why do you have to come towards the ball in the right moment? Why is your teammate keeping the opposition central defenders in place so that you have space to receive the ball? Things don't just happen. Let's remember the 2-6. Why could Messi receive the ball alone between the lines? Because Henry and Eto'o were playing in the space between the central defender and the full back. And the central defender couldn't move up towards Leo because he was thinking that they would exploit the space behind his back. Gago and Lass were marking me and Iniesta and Leo was alone. This is how you get superiority. This is what Guardiola and his assistants analyzed so well. Luis Enrique too. You analyze where you can achieve these superiority, where you can play the passes…"
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8 days ago by colm.mcmullan
RT : Grow your audience, make sure that your local directories are in order!
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8 days ago by ormg
Notre Dame defensive coordinator Mike Elko deserves credit for the Fighting Irish's turnaround
Elko is an inquisitive coach who likes inquisitive players. He wants Notre Dame defenders to ask why a play worked or how to read a certain formation, why a position switch will help or how to leverage an offensive lineman. Elko's goal is a defense that takes the field with comfort in the scheme and the calls and with detailed understanding of opposing offenses.

"How are we doing things? Why are we doing things? You have to be able to teach these kids conceptually," Elko told this summer. "If they can't learn concepts, they're constantly going to be seeing things that they don't understand. You're asking them to do things that make sense to them. You're explaining why.

"[If] they feel they can do what you're asking, then they start having success."

For 15 minutes at every practice, every Notre Dame defender goes through ball-disruption drills. Even the linemen.

"Players buy into what he says because it's not just about the moment," said linebackers coach Clark Lea, who came with Elko from Wake Forest. "It's about the teachable moment. And he always circles back with a lesson involved."

Kelly's response Tuesday to a question about linebacker Te'von Coney's improvement -- "He's trusting the teaching" -- could apply to just about any of Elko's players.

oing from Wake to Notre Dame would seem like a no-brainer for a coach, but before accepting Kelly's offer, Elko studied the personnel. He wouldn't come if the defense looked years away from breaking through. He saw enough potential, especially among the younger classes, to make him believe he could flip it.

Mike's greatest strength is his ability to adjust," said Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson, who had Elko on staffs at four schools. "He always understood how players dictate the scheme; the scheme doesn't dictate the players. With [Ejiofor], he constantly moved him to get a good matchup with the pass rush. It wasn't, 'He's an end. He's gotta win.' It was, 'Hey, we're going to find a way to get him isolated.'"

"You have to be a thinker; you can't just be OK with the status quo if it's not going to help your players," Lea said. "We don't ever want to put our players in a position where the answer is: Just play faster or play harder."

"Mike is book smart and street smart," Clawson said. "A lot of coaches can get up there and draw plays up and tell you what they do. They can't understand why they do it. Mike always understood that."
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9 days ago by abemaingi
Zach Lowe on Goran Dragic, Hassan Whiteside and the Miami Heat - NBA
To make it all work, James Johnson had to tone down the high-wire nature of his game -- the nutty turnovers that eroded trust with prior coaches. It took a lot of video sessions with Spoelstra. "He's always preaching to me: 'Stay boring,'" Johnson says. "I didn't realize -- sometimes a play that feels boring to me, I look at the film, and it's me doing too much."
10 days ago by abemaingi
Learning about for children. Awesome 3-step simple strategy to help kids develop emotional awa…
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10 days ago by enzus
How Steve Kerr revolutionized the Golden State Warriors' offense on a charcuterie board
“The Warriors ultimately found that if defenses were panicked about the first pass, by the time their third pass arrived, they were rewarded with a wide-open corner 3. "The main goal," Curry says, "is to just make the defense make as many decisions as you can so that they're going to mess up at some point with all that ball movement and body movement and whatnot. But it took awhile for us to kind of get the understanding of where each other was going to be without having to call a set play or whatnot. So it took awhile."”
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11 days ago by colm.mcmullan

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