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C.J. Anderson explains how Patriots stumped Rams offense
Los Angeles Rams running back C.J. Anderson detailed the surprise that Bill Belichick had in store for Super Bowl LIII.
The Patriots threw away the scheme that had worked for them for most of the season, and decided to try something new, particularly in the secondary. Anderson explained what the Rams were seeing during the running back’s appearance on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed.”
“Bill [Belichick] does a great job of putting his team in the right position,” Anderson said. “They played some great gap control against us. They gave us some different coverages, that was not shown on tape. If anybody wants to go back and watch the Super Bowl — if you watch their season, 90 percent of the time they played man [to man defense]. They probably played 80 percent zone against us, probably because they probably didn’t they have the best matchups.”
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Rams 2018 report card: Grading every position on special teams
The Los Angeles Rams had the best special teams unit in the NFL two seasons ago, and it wasn’t close. They had Pro Bowlers at every position, from punter to return specialist. This season, it wasn’t as dominant an effort as it was in 2017.
They had just one Pro Bowler in Cory Littleton, while Greg Zuerlein missed time with an injury early in the year. However, the unit still played well as a whole, which is why the special teams received a positive grade on this report card.
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Wade Phillips quotes his dad when asked to reflect on Rams season
There may not be a team in the NFL that has made more progress in the last two years than the Los Angeles Rams. After limping through a 2016 season marked by rookie quarterback Jared Goff’s struggles and the firing of Jeff Fisher, the Rams have improved each of the last two years.
They went 11-5 and won the NFC West in 2017, putting the team on the map as a true contender with Sean McVay at the helm. This season they got even better, going 13-3, earning a first-round bye and making it all the way to the Super Bowl.
They ultimately came up one win short, but 2018 was still wildly successful for the Rams. And heading into next season, the expectations are even higher – both inside the building and out. Wade Phillips shared an analogy for the Rams’ progress while attending the Houston Sports Hall of Fame event Wednesday, joking that L.A. will kick the door in at the Super Bowl next year.
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Rams assistant says teams can’t just ‘hire the next Sean McVay’
While Sean McVay was busy leading the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl in January and February, teams with head-coaching vacancies were trying to find their own version of the 33-year-old coach. The Cardinals hired a guy they dubbed as McVay’s friend in Kliff Kingsbury, the Packers hired Matt LaFleur, McVay’s former offensive coordinator, and the Bengals took a flyer on 35-year-old Zac Taylor.
It seemed like everyone was trying to find “the next Sean McVay,” but that’s far easier said than done. Coaches who lead their teams to the Super Bowl and completely turn around a franchise don’t just grow on trees.
Rams assistant head coach and linebackers coach Joe Barry believes teams will learn just how unique McVay is and how difficult it is to find a guy like him. Here’s what Barry said, via Albert Breer of the MMQB...
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Rams’ Sean McVay knew Patriots followed Bears blueprint after one play
There weren’t many defenses that stopped the Los Angeles Rams offense this season, so the New England Patriots didn’t have much to go off of in terms of tape ahead of the Super Bowl. The Bears, Eagles and Lions all gave the Rams fits for at least part of the game – all 60 minutes in the case of Chicago – and Bill Belichick said the Patriots wanted to do what Detroit did to L.A.
He wanted to make the Rams earn points and not allow big plays down the field, forcing them to sustain 10-play drives. Los Angeles couldn’t do that, and the Patriots emerged victorious.
It only took Sean McVay one play to realize the Patriots were taking a page out of the Bears’ book with quarters coverage, as seen in this mic’d-up video.
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12 days ago by rgl7194
Studs and duds from Rams’ loss in Super Bowl LIII
Jared Goff
Goff didn’t have his worst game ever, but it was far from his best – or even above-average, for that matter. He completed 19 of 38 passes for 229 yards with no touchdowns and an interception, posting a passer rating of 57.9. He nearly threw an interception over the middle to Dont’a Hightower in the second half, too, while also missing a couple of open receivers underneath in favor of deep passes.
The offensive line did him no favors as he was hit 12 times and sacked four times, taking a beating for 60 minutes in the pocket. His interception to Stephon Gilmore was a careless mistake off his back foot in an attempt to avoid a sack, but he knows he has to be better in those situations.
Sean McVay
In a game where the Rams weren’t down by more than one possession until the final minutes, they steered away from the running game for some reason. McVay had Goff throw it 38 times compared to just 17 runs by the running backs, including 10 by Gurley.
McVay also got conservative early in the game by punting it on fourth-and-3 from the Patriots’ 42-yard line. The Patriots blanketed the Rams’ receivers deep downfield all game long and the Rams didn’t do enough to adjust with a quick passing game.
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Super Bowl 2019: Rams' Sean McVay says he got 'outcoached' by Patriots
ATLANTA – Sean McVay’s players weren’t having it.
The 33-year-old Rams coach entered his Super Bowl postgame locker room with a message: This is my fault.
A series of “no” responses greeted him, punter Johnny Hekker said.
“ ‘No’s – no, coach,’ ” Hekker said in the aftermath of the Rams’ 13-3 loss to the Patriots. “Just one of those deals where he’s trying to take accountability and we have a team full of guys who are accountable as well. And when we look ourselves in a mirror, we’re going to know we all left plays out there as well that could’ve contributed to the result.”
For Sunday night, at least, that didn’t ease McVay’s disappointment.
The second-year coach said the loss on the biggest stage – when his touted offense was held to 3 points and his defense's latest heightened playoff performance was for naught – “just stings in your gut.”
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