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Vegetarismus: Müssen wir deshalb gleich ins Gras beißen? | SaRose Schulverein am Rosenstein-Gymnasium
Sogar dem angeblich brutalen Mord und der Haltung von Hühnern und Schweinen konnte er etwas entgegensetzen: „Eine CO2-Betäubung sorgt dafür, dass die Tiere von ihrem Tod nichts mitkriegen“, beschrieb Pollmer ausführlich die Arbeitsschritte in einem deutschen Schlachthof.
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RT : Spot on interview with

"About half of emissions arise from 10%
of the global pop. & 70% from 2…
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Concrete can trap CO2 emissions
CarbonCure's system takes captured CO2 and injects it into concrete as it's being mixed. Once the concrete hardens, that carbon is sequestered forever. Even if the building is torn down, the carbon stays put. That's because it reacts with the concrete and becomes a mineral.
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7 Companies Polluting The World Without Consequences | Care2 Causes
The only thing more horrifying than rampant industrial pollution is pollution without consequences.
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Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian
Just 100 companies have been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988, according to a new report.
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IPCC 1.5 degrees target requires massive carbon dioxide removal technology efforts
The grimmest prognosis in the draft report is in the details of the effort it would take to actually limit warming to 1.5°C. Countries won’t just have to give up fossil fuels and stop emitting greenhouse gases; they’ll have to pull carbon dioxide straight out of the air.

“All pathways that limit global warming to 1.5°C with limited or no overshoot project the use of carbon dioxide removal (CDR),” according to the report. And not just a little, but a lot, upward of 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by the end of the century. This will require machines that scrub carbon dioxide out of the air as well as biofuels coupled with carbon capture and sequestration. These tactics have their own energy demands and environmental drawbacks, and we may not be able to deploy them in time.

“CDR deployment of several hundreds of [gigatons of CO2] is subject to multiple feasibility and sustainability constraints,” according to the IPCC report.
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Not calorie counts or prices. First conference I’ve attended where impact per menu item is quantified. The glo…
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