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New powder could help cut CO2 emissions
Using a specially developed technique involving heat and salt, the researchers extracted a carbon powder from plant matter. Because most of the spheres of carbon that comprise the powder are very small — less than one-millionth of a meter in diameter — with very porous, the powder is particularly efficient at capturing any CO2 it comes in contact with.

The idea is that facilities that produce significant amounts of CO2 — through the burning of fossil fuels, for example — could use this powder to capture that CO2 and then ship it somewhere for storage, perhaps underground.
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4 weeks ago by josephaleo
Zero emission synfuel from seawater | Brave New Climate
More like ocean CO2 capture, which considering ocean acidification, is probably a not bad idea to pursue...
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4 weeks ago by asteroza
in der Europäischen Union sollen bis 2030 deutlich weniger ausstoßen. Der EU-Kompromiss geht weiter,…
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