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Borrow | Co-operative and Community Finance
We lend to organisations that are owned and democratically controlled by their members, who are usually either employees, customers or members of a community. Loans from £10,000 to £75,000 are readily available, and we are able to lend up to £150,000 using other funds. We do not require personal guarantees. We manage a range of loan funds throughout the UK, and currently have around £4m available to lend. Our staff will be glad to advise on the availability of specific funds and the most suitable forms of finance for your business.
co-operative  funding  bank  finance  community 
july 2017 by khudson
CMS Coop :: About us
Co-operative and Mutual Solutions has been working with co-operative and social enterprises for over 11 years. We are a worker co-operative ourselves with a passion for values based, member led businesses. Our directors are active in their local communities and in the co-operative movement regionally and nationally.
We work with new start businesses, those that are established and want to grow and groups of people in transformation/looking to transfer. We have experience of supporting communities take over a local service; workers purchase the business they work for (from the owner), public sector workers transfer into a co-op or mutual and groups of small businesses to collaborate (so that they can be bigger than they are individually).
We can help you with business and financial planning, market research and marketing, designing a new organisation, legal and governance structures, becoming investment ready particularly (but not solely) if you are thinking of raising finance through a community share issue and last but not least, setting up effective systems.
co-op  co-operative  support  advice  community  ACV  transfer 
july 2017 by khudson
The Preston model: UK takes lessons in recovery from rust-belt Cleveland | Cities | The Guardian
“The system wasn’t working,” says Matthew Brown, Preston cabinet member for social justice, inclusion and policy – and the driving force behind many of the recent transformations at the council. “Something had to change.”
Guardian  Preston  community  engagement  social  policy  co-operative  network  local_government  local 
may 2017 by khudson
Or..a Collective Co-operative Care Organisation (C-Co-Co) : -operative principles and civic values of collectivi…
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april 2017 by stuartberry1
Stop Funding Hate steps up campaign on Co-op advertising in the Mail, Sun and Express - Co-operative News
"He said: “When the Stop Funding Hate campaign appealed to us to stop advertising in a small number of newspapers we took that request seriously. We launched an internal audit of our activity, analysed its payback, and talked to our members about it at a National Members’ Council meeting.

“Many people buy these papers at the Co-op and some of them will be our members. Advertising in these papers also drives sales which are important to our businesses.”

He said advertising was important for a business looking to rebuild and grow but accepted the concerns of members. Because of this, the Group had raised those concerns with two of the newspapers in question.

“We committed to do two things to reflect our values and support our business. Things that recognise the diversity of our members and customers, that don’t suppress the freedom of the press, which is a fundamental part of a democracy, that support the growth of our businesses, but crucially challenge those views expressed in print which we and many of our members believe are incompatible with our values of equality, solidarity, self-help and openness.

“Firstly we decided to use our contacts with publishers at every level to make the case for change. To tell them how our members felt and why the stories they have published challenge the relationship we have with them. We’ve already had meetings with senior executives at the Daily Mail and The Sun, and the discussions will continue.”

He added that the Group was looking to use its advertising in these papers to “tell their millions of readers about some of the things our Co-op is doing to tackle issues that we feel strongly about, such as modern slavery or water poverty in Africa and promoting Fairtrade programmes in developing countries."

Not good enough really. If there was any sign that meeting with the editors of those papers would change things then fair enough, but they have been spewing hatred for *decades* and it seems very unlikely they might stop any time soon when they're business model basically depends on it.
hate  advertising  co-operative  stupid  media  journalism  uk 
march 2017 by ssam
Here's my plan to save Twitter: let's buy it | Nathan Schneider | Opinion | The Guardian
Interesting idea! What if we use instead ? Problems of scale of course but the same goal. I can't imagine a mutual Twitter getting off the ground because those who paid eleventy billion pounds for shares in it will be on the lookout to make back their money.
capitalism  software  obvious  co-operative  communication  internet 
october 2016 by ssam
"Jazzband was born out of the stress of maintaining an Open Source project alone for a longer time. As such it’s aimed at projects with only a few maintainers that have not achieved creating a community of maintainers yet.

Jazzband strives to enable broader collaboration between the users by bringing down the walls that prevent them from becoming contributors.

Jazzband tries to foster participation by the community and shared responsibilty within its membership. It helps keeping projects alive as well as finding new avenues of development.

In short, it’s cooperative coding."

Larger communities (e.g. GNOME) pretty solve this themselves, but looks like a sensible approach if you don't fit under the banner of such a community.
free  software  collaboration  development  co-operative  community  open  source 
april 2016 by ssam

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