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Responsive web design tool, CMS, and hosting platform | Webflow
Build dynamic, responsive websites without writing code. Launch with a click, and enjoy the fastest, most reliable hosting on the web. Or export clean, semantic code to hand off to your developers.
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yesterday by christine.y
Moving away from Wordpress : selfhosted
I loooove Kirby:
Yellow is similar: but free
Grav is very much like WordPress:
These are all flat file CMSs with no database needed. They all use Markdown as well.
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yesterday by coffeebucket
Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System
Even in the budding realm of the JAMstack and static site generators, developers have a variety “headless” CMS options to choose from ... We aim to do for the JAMstack what WordPress did for dynamic sites back in the day. In other words, we want to build a CMS that is open-source but fully-featured and production-ready, that’s as easy to customize as it is to use, and that developers and content editors can build a community around.
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2 days ago by zephyr777

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