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Medicare Program; Revisions to Payment Policies under the Physician Fee Schedule and Other Revisions to Part B for CY 2018; Medicare Shared Savings Program Requirements; and Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program
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18 hours ago by p9g
MODX – Wikipedia
MODX ist ein freies Content-Management-Framework (CMF) zum Erstellen von Websites. Es basiert ursprünglich auf dem CMS Etomite und war in seiner ersten Version ein Mod dieses Systems, woraus sich der Name MODX ableitet.
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yesterday by kopfbunt
Open Source Product Information Management | PIM Solutions - Pimcore Platforms
Pimcore, the open source market leader in PIM solutions, helps enterprises successfully manage and deliver rich product information across all channels.

Pimcore, the open source market leader in PIM solutions, helps enterprises successfully manage and deliver rich product information across all channels.

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yesterday by michaelfox
GitHub - eduardoboucas/staticman: 💪 Static sites with superpowers
Lets you POST to an endpoint and create a PR with a new file for your static site
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3 days ago by leereamsnyder
Open Source web services / DADI
DADI is an enterprise-grade, deployment-ready web services stack, built around a microservices architecture.
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3 days ago by jessewagstaff
Open Source Content Management System and Headless CMS
dotCMS is an open source content management system and headless CMS for managing and delivering content driven web apps and sites.
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4 days ago by gilberto5757
headlessCMS | Top Content Management Systems for JAMstack Sites is an overview of the top Content Management tools for JAMstack sites.

‘Headless CMS’ is also commonly known as ‘JAMstack CMS’ or ‘Decoupled CMS’.
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4 days ago by jessewagstaff

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