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#Clutha Helicopter Crash from Joanna Geary on Twitter
For those who asked me in Scotland, here's a timeline of tweets reporting the #Clutha helicopter crash in Glasgow:
– Joanna Geary (JoannaUK)
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february 2014 by pigsonthewing
The Daily Mail's fabricated "fireball" - The Media Blog
Daily Mail caught lying about #Glasgow helicopter crash #Clutha
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december 2013 by pigsonthewing
RIP John McGarrigle #Clutha His 'Refuge' poem seems apt and poignant
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december 2013 by NickFitz
Twitter / ChiChi_tivation: Humanity Solidarity Unity Comp ...
RT : Humanity
Scottish Resilience
Community Spirit

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november 2013 by gmcmahon
Twitter / RFC_Official: PHOTO: An impeccable minute ...
RT : PHOTO: An impeccable minute of silence was observed by both teams before kick off today.
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november 2013 by gmcmahon
TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter
Full statement from Police Scotland DCC Rose Fitzpatrick on bar incident
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november 2013 by danielbentley
Twitter / rupertgmorris: Helicopter crashes into busy ...
RT @PaddleScotland Horrendous :( RT @rupertgmorris: Helicopter crashes into busy bar in #glasgow #clutha  clutha  glasgow 
november 2013 by fortythieves

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