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Rezervační systém a software pro fitness a další sportovní centra |
CLUBSPIRE je komplexní software spravující veškeré aktivity ve fitness a dalších sportovních či relaxačních centrech. Každý den pomáhá manažerům spolehlivě a efektivně řídit jejich podnikání.
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8 weeks ago by garcon
Yale Alumni Magazine: frats are back (Oct 98)
Another organization, the 121-year-old St. Anthony Hall, while officially a chapter of Delta Psi, is not usually counted as a fraternity; a coed group, it is an anomalous blend of fraternity, literary society, and senior society.)
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9 weeks ago by suitable
Book Club – Just one more chapter…
We usually meet on the first Saturday morning of the month unless we need to reschedule in order for the most members to attend. For example, we would reschedule when a church activity that most of the members would need to attend conflicts with the meeting or a lot of members will be out of town. The hostess lists what dates and times are available and then the members vote for the one that works best for them and the majority rules.
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october 2018 by wardell

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