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Vibrant oil paintings of clouds
Ian Fisher’s paintings of clouds are surprisingly lifelike. If you scroll through the paintings on his site, you can see his representation of them improve…his most recent ones are difficult to distinguish from photographs of actual clouds.
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yesterday by terry
p5.js Web Editor | Clouds
A web editor for p5.js, a JavaScript library with the goal of making coding accessible to artists, designers, educators, and beginners.
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4 days ago by muffinista
Cloud Loss Could Add 8 Degrees to Global Warming | Quanta Magazine
Yikes. That said, as Mike Mann says, if we're on a 1990 BAU trajectory in 2100 we're more than shagged, and as Jim Hansen says, doing that means burning more coal than there is coal
climate  clouds  science 
11 days ago by yorksranter
A Break in the Clouds for Europe
Europe stands out in satellite imagery as being one of the cloudiest continents—but not this week.

great issue of The Prepared
satellite  europe  clouds 
13 days ago by madamim
WMO- Understanding Clouds on Vimeo
This is a collaboration with World Meteorological Organization to bring awareness to how clouds form and interact with our weather. It is a modified version of my…
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13 days ago by NiklasJordan
Cloud Loss Could Add 8 Degrees to Global Warming | Quanta Magazine
On a 1987 voyage to the Antarctic, the paleoceanographer James Kennett and his crew dropped anchor in the Weddell Sea, drilled into the seabed, and extracted a vertical cylinder of sediment.
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26 days ago by therourke
Der über aktuell. Ich komme bald wieder, keine Frage.
Sky this evening in Berlin…
berlin  himmel  clouds  cloudporn  from twitter
26 days ago by grzbielok
The loss of clouds could add another 8 °C to global warming
Supercomputer simulations suggest that greenhouse gases are causing the disappearance of clouds over our oceans, and that could drastically speed up global warming over the next century, a paper in Nature Geoscience suggests. Specifically, the tipping point is predicted to come once atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations reach about 1,200 parts per million. The figure is currently about 410 ppm but could reach 1,200 ppm within the next century.

Time to worry? Yes and no. It’s undoubtedly a scary prospect. It would mean the end of human civilization.

But there are plenty of assumptions that would have to be borne out, and steps that would have to take place, before we reach that point.

Climate scientist Tapio Schneider, who co-authored the paper, said it's important to note "there are substantial uncertainties about quantitative results. The largest uncertainty is in the CO2 level at which the clouds become unstable—we cannot pinpoint that with precision."

"The central point to me is that our study points to the possibility of previously undiscovered and strong feedbacks in the climate system," he added.
clouds  climatechange  softapocalypse  rpg 
27 days ago by josephaleo
Possible climate transitions from breakup of stratocumulus decks under greenhouse warming
Stratocumulus clouds could one day disappear if we keep emitting carbon. Their disappearance could, in turn lead to skyrocketing temperatures, raising the heat more than 8 degree Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) around the globe.

Look, that is extremely super bad. If the clouds disappeared, the planet would likely be a scorched, parched hellscape that makes Mad Max look like a selfie-filled weekend at Bonnaroo. This paper is an important addition to the literature on an important topic, one researchers are furiously looking at because clouds play a crucial role in the climate system but are among the least understood components.
climatechange  stratocumulus  clouds  softapocalypse  rpg 
27 days ago by josephaleo

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