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How to accelerate your WordPress site with Amazon CloudFront
Blogging and content production have become the marketing tool of choice for many startups and a fair number of founders find themselves choosing WordPress to power their messaging. Already the content management system (CMS) of choice for 28% of the web, WordPress is the biggest self-hosted blogging tool in the world and perhaps the only open source project that is used by Harvard Law, the Walt Disney Company, the official site of Sweden, and Rackspace.

WordPress performs reasonably well out of the box, but there is room for improvement—the number of WordPress plugins that address performance is evidence of this. However, the easiest way to improve the user experience is to accelerate one’s entire WordPress website by using CloudFront. Doing this will not only improve your site’s responsiveness, but it may also reduce the overall cost of operating your WordPress infrastructure, as reducing the load on your web servers may help you scale down the required infrastructure. In fact, CloudFront can significantly help your site cope with an unexpected load when your site gets popular.
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