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Serverless: password protecting a static website in an AWS S3 bucket
Update: This is not the case any more. Lambda@Edge now officially supports network access for viewer request/response events. This means, that it is now totally possible to manage credentials in a DynamoDB table or use any external API/provider to authenticate users, as long as the network call takes less than 5s to complete.
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8 days ago by payne
How to Easily Boost the Delivery of Static Websites in AWS - Kyle Galbraith
How to Easily Boost the Delivery of Static Websites in AWS I have written a lot about the use case of static websites and leveraging AWS to host, secure, and deliver them. It is after all the context within my Learn AWS By Using It course that we use in order to accelerate our learning of Amazon Web Services. via Pocket
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5 weeks ago by jeremyday
A/B testing on AWS CloudFront with Lambda@Edge – Buildit @wiprodigital – Medium
Lambda@Edge allows running Lambda functions at Edge Locations of the CloudFront CDN. It means you may add “intelligence” in the CDN, without having to forward the request to a backend and losing…
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9 weeks ago by jheady

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