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12-Factor Apps in Plain English
"Popular platform-as-a-service provider Heroku […] maintains a manifesto of sorts called The Twelve-Factor App. It outlines a methodology for developers to follow when building modern web-based applications. Despite being partly self-serving (apps built like this will translate more naturally to running on Heroku), there’s a lot of meaty best-practices worth examining"
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Security concerns with the ? You're not alone. 66% of respondents in 's recent cloud survey stat…
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Google Sheets AI - Algorithmia Blog
How can I get the benefits of AI in my spreadsheet? This Google Sheet Add-on enables you to add algorithms running on Algorithmia’s cloud infrastructure, running machine learning on your own data.
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Beneath the Cloud - The Atlantic
Ingrid Burrington's series on the history and present state of cloud infrastructure
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Five minute intro to open source serverless development with OpenWhisk
OpenWhisk is a distributed system built on top of proven, cloud-native, open source technology such as NGINX, CouchDB, Consul, Kafka, and Docker.

You can run the platform using Vagrant on a workstation or deploy it on premises with OpenStack, for example.

Bluemix offers management, tooling, and monitoring
Apache OpenWhisk is available to end users as a hosted service on IBM Bluemix (and possibly in the future, from Adobe and others as well)
scalability  couchdb  virtualization  cloud 
yesterday by janpeuker
What Is Serverless Computing, and Why Should I Care?
In the Apache OpenWhisk programming model, the developer focuses solely on the unique features of their application by narrowing the scope of their concern down to smaller units of code – the functions (actions) commonly packaged as single files – that provide their core business logic.

Beyond automatic scale and granular cost model which tie business operations directly to resources consumed, platforms like OpenWhisk address many of the operations-focused 12 Factor best practices on behalf of the developer, making it easier to build and deploy cloud native applications like microservices.

“Serverless will fundamentally change how we build business around technology and how you code.”

– Simon Wardley, Why the fuss about serverless?

Another trend driving this new model of development is the emergence of many more non-web workloads that require the benefits of cloud computing (for example, elasticity, scale, and cost reduction). These IoT, cognitive, batch, and data-driven use cases join HTTP and REST based applications that have long taken advantage of IaaS and PaaS capabilities.
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yesterday by janpeuker
Authentication and authorization of Pipeline users with OAuth2 and Vault · Banzai Cloud
Vault them all
You can install Vault to Kubernetes using our Helm chart

For the purpose above we choose HashiCorp’s Vault. However there was another major contributor to the decision to standardize on Vault: Vault’s nice integration with the Kubernetes Authentication API. After Vault is started, the Kubernetes auth backend has to be enabled and configured, and with that Vault can lease tokens to be able to use its API based on ServiceAccount JWT tokens. This enables other applications running in the same Kubernetes cluster to call Vault and with this we can use tightly scoped tokens with various TTLs.
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Apache OpenWhisk is a serverless, open source cloud platform
function-as-a-service/serverless platform developed by IBM
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Getting Started with Serverless Go · Yos Riady
Getting Started with Serverless Go Thursday, 08 Feb 2018 · 42 min read · serverless faas aws go On January 2018, AWS Lambda released official support for the Go language. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get started with...
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