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ownCloud X is out!
A safe home for all your data

Access & share your files, calendars, contacts, mail & more from any device, on your term
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yesterday by kexrex
odrive - Sync all cloud storage in one place
It seems pretty feature rich. Redditors use it but have some concerns.
syncing  cloud  file_syncing_cloud_apps  ftp  sftp  trial  paid  desktop_apps  cross-platform  headless 
2 days ago by skinnymuch is Machine Learning made easy
Machine Learning made beautifully simple for everyone.
machinelearning  service  api  cloud  startup  bigdata  analytics  ai  prediction 
2 days ago by orlin
Accenture Data Leak Exposed 137 GB's of Highly Sensitive Data online
One of the Worlds Largest Consulting Firm "Accenture" Owned four Biggest cloud-based storage servers openly left in Public.- Accenture Data Leak
cloud  accenture  security  acp  data 
2 days ago by geekzter

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