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Becoming Bond: Character Through Clothes in Casino Royale – The Suits of James Bond
Casino Royale tells a story about how James Bond became the familiar character we knew from before, eschewing the typical plot-driven Bond tale for one focused primarily on the character. Bond’s clothes are typically chosen based on where he is and what he is doing, but for Casino Royale, costume designer Lindy Hemming was able to help tell the story about how Bond becomes Bond through his clothes. We see Bond transform from a cocky and careless ‘blunt instrument’ at the start of the film into the polished, suave and capable 00-agent at the end of the film.
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Ancient textiles reveal differences in Mediterranean fabrics in the 1st millennium BC | EurekAlert! Science News
The technical differences suggest that during the Iron Age, textiles in Italy more closely resembled those found in Central Europe (associated with the Hallstatt culture that was prevalent in modern-day Germany, Austria and Slovenia) while the textile culture of Greece was largely connected with the Near East.

Dr Gleba added, "There is overwhelming evidence for frequent contact between Italy and Greece during the first half of the first millennium BC, but this evidence shows that their textile traditions were technically, aesthetically and conceptually very different. This means that the populations in these two regions are making an active decision to clothe themselves in a certain way and it may have to do with traditions set up already in the Bronze Age."
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Proper Cloth
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