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All of our knit items are computationally generated. The scarves are coded, knit on an industrial knitting machine and hand finished, all in Seattle, WA. Some code is open source and coded by third parties, and is noted in the item description.
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2 hours ago by bezthomas
Lady Gaga’s oversize suit was a very successful political fashion statement.
“As a woman who was conditioned at a very young age to listen to what men told me to do, I decided today I wanted to take the power back,” Gaga said. “Today I wear the pants.”
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4 hours ago by dirtystylus
A Tailor’s Guide to Suiting Fabrics
When picking a fabric for a suit, there are a seemingly endless array of fabrics to choose from. We talked to NYC tailor Jake Mueser to learn where to start and what to consider.
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20 hours ago by geglover
Comfortable hunting trousers in hardwearing, quiet G-1000 Silent Eco with tapered legs. Knife pocket, hand and back pockets and reinforced zones for braces.
yesterday by higijenicar
Metafoundry 30: Confusion Matrices
Just as many English words are default male (unmarked), with a changed ending to connote female (marked; think 'actor' vs 'actress'), she argued that men's dress can be unmarked but women's dress is always marked. That is, there are decisions that men make about what they wear that are defaults, that aren’t even seen as a decision. In contrast, every decision that a woman makes about what she wears—heels vs, flats, pants vs, skirts, the length of a skirt and the height of a neckline, haircuts, jewelry—is freighted with cultural baggage. Take makeup. Especially in professional settings, for a woman, not wearing makeup is a noticeable, and notable, decision: marked. But for a man, not wearing makeup is not a decision—nobody notices when men aren't wearing makeup: unmarked. (Of course, a man wearing makeup is very marked indeed.)
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yesterday by dirtystylus
Classic Bathrobe made with luxurious Turkish cotton – Parachute
Made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton using Aerocotton weaving technology, the Parachute Classic Bathrobe is exceptionally soft, absorbent and quick-drying.
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2 days ago by kger
Well Spent.
Well Spent features affordable, on-trend mens clothing and accessories that are made in the USA, or similar first world conditions.
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2 days ago by alessandromingione
Named Clothing 06-061 Inari Tee Dress & Crop Tee Downloadable Pattern
Savings Alert! Save upto 10% when you upgrade to Friends of PR Membership. Free shipping may apply! Friends of PR Price $12.65
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