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The Art of Wearing Clothes: The history of this rare masculine art and of the men who practice it supremely well
By George Frazier
Esquire, September 1960
Research, typing and minor edits by John Erickson
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Awesome products designed by independent artists
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Women's Insulated Jacket - SCOTTeVEST
The OTG (Off The Grid) Jacket for women features two front Rapid Access Panels™ can hold a full size laptop without showing bumps or bulges. The OTG truly marries fashion with function and will be your new wardrobe staple that is ideal for cooler climates.
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Softwear: How an underground fashion label for nerds got cool
"They started going to textile conferences—Outdoor Retailer, then in Utah, was a big one. They wanted to find out where big companies, which they assumed used all the best stuff, got their supplies. But it turned out that the big companies of the world actually used the best *cheapest* materials. As for the actual best, well, 'we found that there was all this stuff nobody was touching. We were stunned. Like, nobody is using this? Nobody is using this?' Burmeister says. Military fabrics, equestrian fabrics, industrial fabrics—they were all for sale, or had been."
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