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Tiger Beer, WWF and KENZO Limited Edition Rare Stripes Collection Aims to Save Wild Tigers | LBBOnline
Asia’s number one international premium beer, Tiger Beer, has today announced a unique collaboration with WWF and iconic French fashion house, KENZO on the Rare Stripes collection to shine a spotlight on endangered wild tigers clinging to survival across the world.

The world’s wild tiger population has dramatically declined over the past century, due to rampant poaching and habitat destruction.

Today, as few as 3,900 tigers are left in the wild, but they are threatened daily by poaching driven by illegal tiger trade.
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2 days ago by dancall
The first graphene jacket is here, and it’s magical
“Our view is that wearable technology will become increasingly invisible over the next 10 to 20 years,” Tidball explains. “Instead of wearing it over your eyes or on your wrist, it will be embedded as clothing and tech simply merge. We think graphene’s ability to conduct heat and power and withstand insane forces, while adding zero mass, should make it central to the story. And when clothing can start conducting heat and electricity all sorts of cool things can start happening. It means that over the next decade your clothing can start to become a platform for other innovations. And that’s really what we’re interested in.”
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2 days ago by dancall
Bunch of tips and advice for taking care of nice clothes. : malefashionadvice
* Make Sure the top button of your collard shirts is buttoned when on a hanger, because it helps keep the collar crisper.
* Hang/Fold your clothes right when they're done drying. It will lock in the current state of the clothes, and keep them wrinkle free longer
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2 days ago by omnipotus
Brave Space, LLC | Clothing Closet
free clothing for nonbinary and trans PDXers
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2 days ago by lmoon
OUTLIER A Material Difference
Could be good clothes for commuting?
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2 days ago by macjustice

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