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The Solitary Garden
In 1960, David Latimer put some compost, water, and plant seeds into a large glass jar and sealed it up. And it’s been growing like that ever since, save for when Latimer opened the bottle to water it in 1972.
environment  garden  life  plants  closed  system 
26 days ago by markhgn
Attacks on Closed WordPress Plugins
Closed WordPress plugin yuzo-related-post has an unauthenticated cross-site scripting bug and other vulnerabilities. Remove the plugin or activate the WAF.
wordpress  closed  plugin  plugins  security 
10 weeks ago by jennettefulda
HyperSpace - Your Content. New Audiences. Real Income.
Trying to pay content creators via a semi-closed social network with a cryptocurrency based payment system. Of note, all users are allotted a set number of tokens daily for free, which they can use to "pay" for content. Cashing out seems a little fishy...
closed  social  network  content  payment  cryptocurrency 
february 2019 by asteroza

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