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Open Source Game Clones
List of open source clones and remakes of popular old-school games.
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19 days ago by jschoolcraft
partitioning - Clone single partition to empty disk - Ask Ubuntu
rsync -aruv /* /new/ --exclude=/dev/* --exclude=/proc/* --exclude=/run/* --exclude=/sys/* --exclude=/tmp/* --exclude=/new
rsync  linux  clone  hdd  howto  terminal 
27 days ago by travellersam
4 Vital Steps in Logical Data Recovery on Hard Drive
If your hard drive is subject to data loss due to logical failures, like power outages, system crashes or viruses, etc., you will proceed to attempt logical data recovery. In this article, we will reveal the 4 essential steps in this process.
Clone  Hard  Drive  corrupt  PST  Data  Recovery  Software  Logical 
5 weeks ago by DataNumen

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