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SD Clone @ Twocanoes Software
SD Clone is the ultimate tool for cloning SD Cards right on your Mac. Easily make backups of any data on SD Cards and easily restore them other SD Cards. If you creating lots of SD Cards with the same data, SD Clone can write to multiple SD cards at once making it the fastest tool for preparing SD cards.
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4 days ago by cyberchucktx
How to Fix “File record segment is unreadable” Error in Windows
Many Windows users have complained a lot about the error message – “File record segment is unreadable”. Therefore, in this article, we will throw out a quick guide to fix this issue.
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5 days ago by DataNumen
4 Methods To Clone Your Linux Hard Drive
. Partclone, Software for Partition Imaging and Cloning
For a more mature alternative to dd that supports backups of the ext4 filesystem, partclone is simple to use, but again requires text commands rather than a keyboard or mouse driven interface. Install with

sudo apt-get install partclone
…and launch with

…where [fstype] is the filesystem type of the partition you wish to clone.

The following command will create a disk image of hda1 (hard disk drive 1, partition 1) called hda1.img:

partclone.ext3 -c -d -s /dev/hda1 -o hda1.img
You might want to restore that image, so use

partclone.extfs -r -d -s hda1.img -o /dev/hda1
Further details on usage can be found on the partclone website.
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6 days ago by marshyon

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