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Cannot push via SCP anymore · Issue #253 · clojars/clojars-web
lein deploy 0.1.1 jgralab.jar pom.xml
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june 2018 by mccraigmccraig
Showing a library latest version through Clojars
Clojars produces a little svg for all the libraries up there. This reports on the latest available version of a library. It is very useful on all those documents where you want to copy paste installation instructions but you don't want to remember to change them every time there is a new version. A readme is a perfect place for the svg image for example. It's allowing copy&paste just fine, so all great!
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september 2015 by reborg
If you know what you're doing this can be an interesting plugin. With this you can use a project on Github as a dependency to your project, similar to normal dependencies with Clojars. Of course you're depending on HEAD of some project so anything can happen at any time, including suddenly breaking compilations and what not. At the same time it can be handy for projects that aren't yet on Clojars or to test a feature that only exists in the current non-released version. Handle with care.
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july 2015 by reborg
hikari-cp 1.2.4 - Clojars
hikari-cp () wrapper to the AWESOME JDBC conn pool downloaded over 2000 times from !
clojure  clojars  HikariCP  java  JDBC  from twitter_favs
june 2015 by sickill
ThornyDev: Signing and Promoting your Clojure libraries on Clojars
My first experience deploying a signed jar to Clojars was a little rocky, so I'm providing this how-to report to help others
clojure  signing  libraries  clojars 
march 2014 by GreggInCA

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