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Why Logical Clocks are Easy - ACM Queue
"The mechanisms for tracking causality and the rules used in these mechanisms are often seen as complex,6,15 and their presentation is not always intuitive. The most commonly used mechanisms for tracking causality—vector clocks and version vectors—are simply optimized representations of causal histories, which are easy to understand.

By building on the notion of causal histories, you can begin to see the logic behind these mechanisms, to identify how they differ, and even consider possible optimizations. When confronted with an unfamiliar causality-tracking mechanism, or when trying to design a new system that requires it, readers should ask two simple questions: (a) Which events need tracking? (b) How does the mechanism translate back to a simple causal history?

Without a simple mental image for guidance, errors and misconceptions become more common. Sometimes, all you need is the right language."

From 2016, noting "vector versions" and "dotted vector versions". This might also be a good way to understand the ordt/cvrdt data structure.
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octobanana/peaclock: A responsive and customizable clock, timer, and stopwatch for the terminal.
A responsive and customizable clock, timer, and stopwatch for the terminal. - octobanana/peaclock
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7 million locations, 46 languages, synchronized with atomic clock time.
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