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Winners Take All undercuts philanthro-capitalism (Fast Company)
“It actually takes a lot of rigging and engineering to have as much progress as we’ve had and not improve the bottom line of 170 million people in your society.”
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7 days ago by mjb
To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library (The New York Times)
"Libraries are being disparaged and neglected at precisely the moment when they are most valued and necessary. Why the disconnect? In part it’s because the founding principle of the public library — that all people deserve free, open access to our shared culture and heritage — is out of sync with the market logic that dominates our world. ..."
civil+society  clippings  social+stratification  libraries  civic+engagement  opinion  sociology  commons 
8 days ago by mjb
Donald Trump, the Democrats, and the Illusion of American Greatness (The Intercept)
An episode of Intercepted. Host Jeremy Scahill nails it in his opening monologue and Dr. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor and he discuss the risks and long history of how working with the Democratic party often lead to cooptation.
two+party+system  Trump  clippings  zephyr+teachout  power+politics  Democrats 
8 days ago by mjb
Amazon delivery drivers reveal claims of disturbing work conditions (Business Insider)
"Many drivers described a physically demanding work environment in which they felt pressured to drive at dangerously high speeds, blow stop signs, and skip bathroom breaks."
Amazon  labor  clippings  working+conditions 
8 days ago by mjb
The Neoliberals Are Complicit in This Train Wreck (CounterPunch)
‘I would like to be as sanguine as the man I voted for for President, but the reality on the ground is that government by the few and the wealthy has been on a long march to oblivion that began with the jettisoning of the values and programs of the New Deal during a Democratic administration (Truman’s) and has accelerated ever since with its worst expressions through the “Great Communicator” Reagan, right up until the white supremacist Trump.’
clippings  Obama  Barack+Obama  Trump  Democrats  two+party+system 
9 days ago by mjb
It Took a Handful of Women to Kneecap One of the World’s Most Brutal Crime Networks (The Intercept)
'"The Good Mothers" tells the story of the women who turned against the ’Ndrangheta, a ferocious, family-based criminal cult rooted in southern Italy.'
books  clippings  mafia  women  justice  interview  Italy  organized+crime  feminism 
9 days ago by mjb
The Real Lesson of Sept. 11 (The New York Times)
We don't entirely agree, but generally endorse the direction of the spirit of this opinion.
clippings  opinion  9/11  history  militarism 
9 days ago by mjb
John Bolton threatens war crimes court with sanctions in virulent attack (The Guardian)
Proudly trying to complete what he started, and furthering our long tradition of not holding ourselves to the standard we use as an excuse to be just as ugly, if not uglier than the others.
clippings  John+Bolton  accountability  international+criminal+court  ICC  The+Hague  Trump  international+law  justice  sanctions  foreign+policy  United+States  Afghanistan 
9 days ago by mjb
C.I.A. Drone Mission, Curtailed by Obama, Is Expanded in Africa Under Trump (The New York Times)
"The Obama administration had handed off much of the C.I.A.’s deadly drone program to the military. President Trump has eased those limits on secret airstrikes by the agency." Perhaps the CIA's role was curtailed under Obama, but our understanding is that the US use of drones expanded greatly under him. The implication in this article is almost merely that Trump is inefficient, whereas Obama knew how to scale 'responsibly.' Not that drones are bad, apparently.
clippings  CIA  Africa  Maghreb  drones  drone+base  foreign+policy  Trump  Obama  Niger 
10 days ago by mjb
How a C.I.A. Drone Base Grew in the Desert - Video (The New York Times)
"Officials from the U.S. and Niger have confirmed the location of a new C.I.A. drone base. We’ve analyzed its construction and location."
clippings  CIA  Trump  Niger  Africa  drones  video 
10 days ago by mjb

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