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War…By the Numbers (POGO)
After 17 years spent fighting in Afghanistan, Americans are being denied basic facts needed to determine how well the war is going. So far, relatively few in Congress, the White House, or the Pentagon seem inclined to change that.
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4 days ago by mjb
UFOs spotted off Irish coast under investigation - BBC News
The objects were said to be very bright and flying at twice the speed of sound.
weird  clippings  UFOs 
4 days ago by mjb
Yuval Noah Harari on Why Technology Favors Tyranny (The Atlantic)
"Artificial intelligence could erase many practical advantages of democracy, and erode the ideals of liberty and equality. It will further concentrate power among a small elite if we don’t take steps to stop it."
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6 days ago by mjb
What Jared Kushner Revealed in His Interview with Van Jones (The New Yorker)
“Despite the obvious shortcomings of the interview, however, it wasn’t entirely unenlightening.”
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21 days ago by mjb

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