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CC助手 - 超越剪贴板
CC助手 - 复制两次,一键收藏。最便捷好用的系统收藏夹。
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9 weeks ago by reorx
How to Correct Clipping in Logic Pro |
Add a limiter plugin to a track or bus to prevent it from clipping. A limiter is like a wall beyond which volume cannot go. Placing a limiter plugin on a track and setting it at -1db, for example, ensures that the volume of the track can't exceed -1db. Click an empty audio effect slot on the track or bus and select a limiter plugin.
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december 2018 by jaltcoh
(1) Logic Pro X Digital Distortion Issue SOLVED - YouTube
Go to preferences (?) > Multithreading > change "Playback & Live Tracks" to just "Playback Tracks"
logic  distortion  recording  mix  volume  clipping  gain 
december 2018 by jaltcoh

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