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The War in Words - SNL
Hilarious marital letters. Wonder if this humor will be lost on younger generations. Mikey Day does an awesome exasperated husband
snl  comedy  clip 
7 days ago by cldwalker
Clojure Commercial by Amperity
Clojure! (high pitch) ... Clojurescri~i~ipt. Well done! Wish clj community had more of this goofiness
clojure  comedy  clip 
9 days ago by cldwalker
Exhibition Shirling
Gotta love this quirky sport. Never watched much kids in the hall but damn
comedy  clip 
22 days ago by cldwalker
Abrams 2018 concession speech
Eloquent and passionate speech. Spitting straight fire the last 5 minutes. Won't be the last of her
politics  stacey-abrams  clip 
25 days ago by cldwalker
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4 weeks ago by globetec

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