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dedicated to the action movies of the Seventies (1974–1983)
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10 days ago by AKA
Hipsters get Remembered, Legends Never Die [sara_holmes]
Bucky Barnes is a broke millennial hipster and one-armed veteran who somehow ends up as a science project for Tony Stark, a PA for Steve Rogers and a fling for Clint Barton. What even is his life.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky  Clint  Clint/Bucky  novel(50000-100000)  *better 
16 days ago by Presto.Cadenza
Spontaneous group protest of abuses of children at the Mexico/US border
politics  trump  immigration  protest  clint  clinttx  humanrights 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Out On A Limb [flawedamythyst]
Sam pulled himself free of Clint, rubbing at his head, then he looked up at Steve and Bucky, around at the trashed street and super-powered battle in the sky, and burst into tears.

“They’re kids,” said Steve, helplessly.

Sam and Clint get turned into kids, just when Bucky was about to finally go on a date with Clint. It figured that their timing would be that crappy.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Bucky  Bucky  Clint  Sam  team  novella(15000-50000) 
may 2019 by Presto.Cadenza
Broken But Mending [Lissadiane]
Bucky's not sure what he expects when he picks up the free local paper in his therapist's office, but it's not advice on losing things in his butt, that's for sure.

In which Bucky Barnes is a recovering war vet with a whole bunch of issues, none of which can be solved by a small time sex advice therapist, no matter how pretty his smile is.
fanfic  Avengers  novella(15000-50000)  Bucky  Steve  Clint  Sam  *better 
may 2019 by Presto.Cadenza
There's No 'I' In Denial [flawedamythyst]
Clint's pretty much an open book, right? So it won't matter if he lets the villain shoot him with his truth ray.

Except that turns out to be just the first of the many lies he's been telling himself.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Bucky  Clint  Bucky  team  ficlet(500-5000)  *best 
april 2019 by Presto.Cadenza
MCU - (Clint gen) -- Next New Message {by fabrega}
"YOU HAVE THIRTY. SEVEN. NEW MESSAGES," Clint Barton's phone announces. That can't be good.

Spoilers for The Winter Soldier.
avengers  fic  clint  gen  via:daisydiversions 
march 2019 by butterflykiki
Army Proof by tajargirl
Despite his recent and unexpected promotion from green recruit to national icon and media darling Captain America, Steve Rogers still lacks the skills and experience necessary to thrive in the Army. First Sergeant Tony Stark has dealt with decades of tomfoolery from his subordinates, but nothing has quite prepared him for the particular brand of chaos that trails in Steve's wake.

Steve's team includes at least one competent adult in Sam Wilson, but also contains Clint Barton, a mechanic who cheats at cards and still loses, and Natasha Romanov, their terrifying police escort. Together, the gang must navigate across Eastern Europe without causing Steve’s next major international incident.

On the other side of the world, Bucky Barnes is contending with a new reality while doing what he can to keep his accidental hero boyfriend on the path that will eventually lead him home.
fic  mcu  au  captainamerica  steverogers  buckybarnes  steve/bucky  tonystark  clint  samwilson  natasha  pepperpotts 
march 2019 by yasaman
How to Woo the Winter Soldier by writeonclara
“I think I’m ready to date again,” Steve said.

“What,” Natasha said.

“What?” Clint said, lowering his binoculars. He blinked at the dumbstruck look on the Captain’s face, then followed his gaze to where he was staring dopily at—at the Winter fucking Soldier.

“Steve, no,” Clint groaned.

Or: Steve courts the Winter Soldier.
fic  mcu  slash  au  captainamerica  avengers  steverogers  buckybarnes  steve/bucky  natasha  clint  tonystark  peterparker  samwilson 
february 2019 by yasaman
Italics, Bold, Underline [yamyamyam]
Clint is caught high and dry after the SHIELD data dump.

Bucky is caught... in a starbucks?
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Bucky  Clint  Bucky  novella(15000-50000) 
february 2019 by Presto.Cadenza
Scenes From A Marriage: Mailbag by Speranza
"This is the 4 Minute Window Advent calendar for 2018!" TONY BARK :DDD
fic  mcu  au  captainamerica  avengers  steverogers  buckybarnes  steve/bucky  tonystark  natasha  clint  slash 
december 2018 by yasaman
Falling Off the Face of the Earth [Teeelsie]
Cap relaxes his hold, but he stays where he is, still looming over him. “Clint. The compound’s been breached,” Rogers whispers urgently, then finally sits back and lets go of him.

There’s another explosion, closer this time and throwing more light, and Clint realizes for the first time that there’s another person in the room. He turns his head sharply and sees Bucky Barnes hovering near the door, looking… off. Clint pushes Rogers and he finally stands up so Clint can scramble out of the bed and grab some clothes. He’s wearing only boxers because it’s fucking hot in Wakanda, and he catches Barnes’ eyes flicking across his body.

Clint long ago stopped being bothered by people’s reactions to the many scars on his body – not that that many people actually see them - but that doesn’t mean he appreciates when they stare. “Like what you see?” he asks with a hard edge as he pulls on his shirt. Barnes turns his head, at least having the decency to look embarrassed for being caught staring.

Rogers looks at them both impatiently and quickly switches gears. “Clint, I need you to take Bucky. Get him out of Wakanda and somewhere safe.”
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Bucky  Clint  Bucky  Steve  *better  novel(50000-100000) 
september 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Black Dog by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)
So long ago the details were lost to time, people began creating guardians of the dead. They were made from dogs, dogs who were buried in graveyards before anyone was laid to rest, their spirits arising as black dogs, bound protectors of the human dead.

Steve had always wondered what would happen after he died. He hadn't expected the answer to be 'wake up in the cemetery he'd been buried in', but here he was, some kind of ghost, and he could see the trees through his hands. It wasn't so bad, and he wasn't alone—a sleek black dog, golden eyes glowing bright, was happily waiting to greet him when he woke up.

Decades later, on what was supposed to be a quiet, peaceful, definitely-not-life-changing walk through the woods, Bucky stumbled across an abandoned cemetery and into the impossible.

(It's a ghost story and a love story and a story about dogs.)

Tenuous at best relationship to the canon characters, but a perfectly lovely and sweet fantasy/magical realism story on its own. also I basically almost started sobbing hysterically at the Laika bits, so.
fic  slash  au  mcu  captainamerica  steverogers  buckybarnes  steve/bucky  natasha  samwilson  clint 
august 2018 by yasaman

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