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Infos cnit - Blocbuster
Blocbuster CNIT est une structure artificielle d’escalade (SAE) dédiée à l’escalade de bloc dans un local de 1400 m2, située à proximité de Paris, au sein du CNIT la Défense, au 2 place de la défense
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13 hours ago by mandarine
Glacier National Park (U.S.) - Wikipedia
The Garden Wall is a steep alpine area within Glacier National Park well known during the summer months to be heavily covered in dozens of species of flowering plants and shrubs.
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Top Tips for Winter Climbing - Alpkit
The top tips...

Stay fed and watered.

Find a glove system that works for you.

Find a layering system that works for you.

Make sure your boots fit properly.

Keep your feet warm (consider taking dry socks along with you!).

Prepare yourself for a long belay by taking a good belay jacket.

Make sure you have the appropriate gear!

This tip from Will Gadd has served me well over the years: the key to staying warm is to eat fat and protein prior to climbing, and mainly carbohydrates during the climb. I tried it and it worked for me, so I’ve stuck to it ever since.
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12 days ago by pozorvlak

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