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Fossil fuels roar back in a world hungry for energy: Don Pittis | CBC News
Carbon output that had plateaued for three years is surging again as stronger economies renew demand for energy. Investors need to know what comes next.
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Rising sea levels reshape Miami’s housing market • WSJ
Laura Kusisto and Arian Campo-Flores:
<p>Jesse Keenan, a real-estate professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and author of the paper, said he was initially surprised to see ordinary homeowners already seeming to factor future sea-level rise into their calculations.

Low-elevation properties are becoming Miami’s laggards, he said. “To see them really separate is pretty shocking, because you can infer that this is a pricing signal from climate change.”

Miami is a testing ground for the vulnerability of housing markets in other coastal cities, such as New York and Boston, because its elevation is as little as one foot above sea level and its porous limestone makes it especially vulnerable to rising sea levels.

Another new paper, from researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder and Pennsylvania State University, shows that the trend in Miami is playing out across the country, with homes that are vulnerable to rising sea levels now selling at a 7% discount compared with similar but less-exposed properties. The paper, which is under peer review, shows that the size of the coastal discount has grown over time.

Ryan Lewis, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business, said he and his co-authors noticed the strongest discounting among investors and second-home owners, who have the most choices about where to buy. Increasingly, he said, ordinary home buyers in places such as Miami, where there is strong awareness of the risks, also are starting to discount.</p>
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Earth Day and the Hockey Stick: a singular message • Scientific American Blog Network
Michael Mann published the original "hockey stick" graph with a pair of colleagues in Nature in 1998:
<p>Nothing in my training as a scientist could have prepared me for the very public battles I would soon face. The hockey stick told a simple story: There is something unprecedented about the warming we are experiencing today and, by implication, it has something to do with us and our profligate burning of fossil fuels. The story was a threat to companies that profited from fossil fuels, and government officials doing their bidding, all of whom opposed efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As the vulnerable junior first author of the article (I was a postdoctoral researcher), I found myself in the crosshairs of industry-funded attack dogs looking to discredit the iconic symbol of the human impact on our climate…by discrediting me personally.

<img src="" width="100%" />
<em>The hockey stick temperature reconstruction from 1999 (blue) along with the data record (red) and the 2013 “PAGES2k” temperature reconstruction (green). ​ ​​Credit: Klaus Bittermann via Wikimedia Commons ​(CC BY-SA 4.0)</em>
In my 2013 book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines, I gave a name to this modus operandi of science critics: the Serengeti strategy. The term describes how industry special interests and their facilitators single out individual researchers to attack, in much the same way lions of the Serengeti single out an individual zebra from the herd. In numbers there is strength; individuals are far more vulnerable.</p>

The "Serengeti strategy" is pretty widely used for all sorts of topics.
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Thank goodness for the ! Editing and hiding the science of is not a new Administration thing…
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How much do you know about ? This , take this quiz and get…
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We are not above the law of the biosphere. from "Being the Chang…
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is on 4/22 and the countdown is on! These resources can help Ss with the realities of .…
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Why our sea scorched: NZ's incredible marine heatwave
Scientists say we've all just experienced an event that would be considered unusual even 30 years from now, when temperatures could be a degree warmer.

And they don't expect to see anything like the freak "marine heatwave" that turned the Tasman Sea into a warm bath for a long time.

It fired our record-hot summer, melted ice caps and lured swarms of jellyfish to our shores.

And although summer is long behind us, the marine heatwave and its effects on our weather linger on.

Before it finally vanishes over the next three months, it will deliver us a parting gift - a strong hand in above-average temperatures for most of winter.
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