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‘Hyperalarming’ study shows massive insect loss - The Washington Post
Insects are vanishing even in a pristine tropical forest, and an ecologist calls this "one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read.”
yesterday by casfindad
Solution Aversion – Behavioural Public Policy Blog
Reminds me of the idea that when you argue with someone, you are questioning their reality. These "solutions" threaten individual ideas of reality... thus the aversion.
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2 days ago by alexpriest
Trouble brewing: climate change to cause 'dramatic' beer shortages
Extreme weather damage to the global barley crop will mean price spikes and supply problems, according to new research
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2 days ago by flyingcloud
Surging Seas: Seeing Choices
Prévision planétaire des zones inondées en cas réchauffement climatique compris entre 0 et 5 degrés
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Climatic Impacts of Wind Power | The Keith Group
"We find that generating today’s US electricity demand (0.5 TWe) with wind power would warm Continental US surface temperatures by 0.24C. Warming arises, in part, from turbines redistributing heat by mixing the boundary layer. Modeled diurnal and seasonal temperature differences are roughly consistent with recent observations of warming at wind farms, reflecting a coherent mechanistic understanding for how wind turbines alter climate. The warming effect is: small compared with projections of 21st century warming, approximately equivalent to the reduced warming achieved by decarbonizing global electricity generation, and large compared with the reduced warming achieved by decarbonizing US electricity with wind. For the same generation rate, the climatic impacts from solar photovoltaic systems are about ten times smaller than wind systems. Wind’s overall environmental impacts are surely less than fossil energy. Yet, as the energy system is decarbonized, decisions between wind and solar should be informed by estimates of their climate impacts."

--- Via a student's answer to the midterm exam!
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3 days ago by cshalizi
Climate breakdown, capitalism and democracy – Julia Steinberger – Medium
When the BBC asked me if I would participate in a debate panel on climate change, capitalism and democracy, I fist panicked and then said yes. All I really wanted to do this week was finish up and…
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3 days ago by jamrock
UN Says Climate Genocide Coming. But It’s Worse Than That.
Just two years ago, amid global fanfare, the Paris climate accords were signed — initiating what seemed, for a brief moment, like the beginning of a planet-saving movement. But almost immediately, the international goal it established of limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius began to seem, to many of the world’s most vulnerable, dramatically inadequate; the Marshall Islands’ representative gave it a blunter name, calling two degrees of warming “genocide.”
The alarming new report you may have read about this week from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — which examines just how much better 1.5 degrees of warming would be than 2 — echoes the charge. “Amplifies” may be the better term. Hundreds of millions of lives are at stake, the report declares, should the world warm more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, which it will do as soon as 2040, if current trends continue. Nearly all coral reefs would die out, wildfires and heat waves would sweep across the planet annually, and the interplay between drought and flooding and temperature would mean that the world’s food supply would become dramatically less secure. Avoiding that scale of suffering, the report says, requires such a thorough transformation of the world’s economy, agriculture, and culture that “there is no documented historical precedent.” The New York Times declared that the report showed a “strong risk” of climate crisis in the coming decades; in Grist, Eric Holthaus wrote that “civilization is at stake.”
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