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Apocalyptic Thoughts Amid Nature’s Chaos? You Could Be Forgiven - The New York Times
CLEWISTON, Fla. — Vicious hurricanes all in a row, one having swamped Houston and another about to buzz through Florida after ripping up the Caribbean. Wildfires bursting out all over the West after a season of scorching hot temperatures and years of dryness.
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John Oliver and Bill Nye Show the Only Real Way to Have a Climate Change Debate | Nerdist
The problem with debates on scientific facts is that they're 1:1, with the scientist against "Some dude". To make things fair, climate change debated should have about 3 skeptics and 97 scientists, representing the consensus in the science community (97% of papers demonstrate climate change is caused by humans).
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Hurricanes: A perfect storm of chance and climate change? - BBC News
Those who have been sceptical of the impact of carbon emissions from human sources on the climate have crowed about the fact that it has been 12 years since a hurricane rated category three or above has made landfall in the US.
But those working in the field believe that measuring the connection between hurricanes and climate change based on the number that make land is hugely mistaken. [...] Rising temperatures lead to warmer air holding more moisture, which causes more intense downpours in a hurricane. The oceans have risen thanks to thermal expansion and glacier melt and this works to increase the dangers posed by storm surges.
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We have no system to deal with escalating climate damages. It’s time to build one. - Vox
The devastation hurricanes have brought to Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico will only make it clearer still.
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