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Why a sudden spike in the temperature of the Great Lakes has scientists worried | CBC News
The Great Lakes are getting hotter, seeing a rise in some parts of three degrees.
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4 hours ago by jeffhammond
A good reminder that the upcoming 1.5C report will be heavily watered down. These reports are ALWAYS more…
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6 hours ago by edsonm
We can't possibly plant enough trees to stop climate change | Anthropocene
At that point, growing trees to mitigate carbon emissions would entail turning virtually all natural ecosystems on land into biomass plantations, the researchers calculated.

If all the world’s countries meet their emissions reduction targets under the 2015 Paris agreement, that will put us on track to a global temperature rise of about 2.5° C by 2100. To hold the temperature increase below 2° C in that scenario, we could also convert 10 percent of the world’s most productive agricultural land to biomass plantations.
8 hours ago by craniac
Designing Sustainable Landscapes in Hot and Dry Climates
We explore designing sustainable landscapes in hot and dry climates with the Lake Garden by Iúri Chagas, in Olhão, Algarve, Portugal
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2 days ago by cglinka

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