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Connect With Environmental Action Groups - Patagonia Action Works
Find groups, petitions, events for environmental issues you care about in your community.
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yesterday by benallen
Highway of riches, road to ruin: Inside the Amazon's deforestation crisis - The Globe and Mail
Yet the forest was still disappearing: A chunk bigger than Prince Edward Island vanished last year alone. And when I set out to try to understand why – and what that means, not just for Brazil, but for the rest of us humans – the most knowledgeable people I talked with seemed to be filled with a level of despair I had never encountered before when reporting on climate issues.
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yesterday by johans
60,000 Chinese troops are about to plant enough trees to cover Utah – VICE News
More than 6.66 million hectares (32,500 square miles) of new forest will be planted in 2018, with the People’s Liberation Army reassigning tens of thousands of infantry, with additional help from the police force.
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Autovergelijker - powered by CarBase.
Bekijk en vergelijk nieuwe auto's of auto's van de afgelopen 38 jaar -
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