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When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot For Humans?
The facts, research, and science behind the climate-change article that explored our planet’s worst-case scenarios.
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Scott’s new climate group aims to cut costs, promote business - VTDigger
Vermont Gov. Phil Scott has asked a 21-member commission to figure out how to combat climate change while making money for Vermont businesses and reducing costs for everyone else.
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Solutions | Drawdown
lots of great ideas on reducing co2
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RT : China just switched on the world's largest floating solar power plant
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Scott’s new climate group aims to cut costs, promote business - VTDigger
By July 2018, the commission should come up with an “action plan” that reduces the state’s greenhouse gas emissions “while driving economic growth, setting Vermonters on a path to affordability, and ensuring effective energy transition options exist for all Vermonters.”
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RT @citizenjoesmith: Lk fwd to careful read of this on why '97%' tactic is a rubbish way to progress #climate engagement/ policy progres…
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Antarctica Is Melting, and Giant Ice Cracks Are Just the Start
The massive iceberg that broke off the Larsen C Ice Shelf may be a harbinger of a continent-wide collapse that would swamp coastal cities around the world.
yesterday by geetarista
Uganda trial shows why it's worth paying people to preserve trees : Nature News & Comment
"A two-year project that paid a total of US$20,000 to 180 people in 60 Ugandan villages not to cut down trees on their land was worth the money, researchers say. By delaying carbon dioxide emissions, the project’s benefits to society were more than double its costs."
climate  economics  giving 
yesterday by cicatriz
Causes of differences in model and satellite tropospheric warming rates : Nature Geoscience : Nature Research
Over the early twenty-first century, model-derived warming trends exceeded observed warming. Analyses of global-mean tropospheric temperature suggest that these differences are likely to stem from missing external influences in the models.
climate  science 
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Smog in our brains
Researchers are identifying startling connections between air pollution and decreased cognition and well-being.
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