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Huge, If True: How Microsoft's Big Ideas Could Transform Legal Buy (069) | Legal Evolution
We’re definitely learning to remember that process matters, but still cagey about changing incentives: A clear majority emphasized process improvement as a solution lever.  This also appears to be a positive development away from pure-play technology innovations (because many tech-led initiatives often fail without the attendant changes to supporting processes).  That said, only 12% of the presentations addressed incentive changes for people (although it is very possible that some presenting teams omitted those particulars given the open forum).
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3 days ago by JordanFurlong
A Tricky Relationship: General Counsel + Legal Technology – Artificial Lawyer
A new report by LexisNexis has found what most of the market has known for some time: the relationship between General Counsel (GC) and legal technology is not always a comfortable or easy one.

The report is based on a survey which found plenty of interesting nuggets of info. A few of Artificial Lawyer’s favourites are below.

1 – Many Inhouse Legal Teams Are Not Set Up for Legal Tech Innovation, Adoption or Execution

When asked what the main barriers were to legal tech adoption the three issues were: a lack of resources; a lack of time to get their heads around the issues and deal with it all; and also a lack of understanding of the tech and what it can do.

In short, GCs have been very busy….but not with legal tech, and that is no surprise.

Most of the sessions at conferences Artificial Lawyer attends where GCs are speaking on tech are fairly uninspiring moments. They tend to be a litany of reasons why little change among inhouse teams takes place. A conference for GCs and tech a couple of months ago even saw a GC for a major FTSE company say loud and clear: ‘I have no interest in legal technology.’ They even sounded a bit sorry for people who did focus on this area.

Of course there are also companies, ranging from Google, to NetApp, to Vodafone, to BT, whose inhouse legal teams are very much focused on legal tech and innovation and doing a great job – but, the truth is they are not the majority.
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12 days ago by JordanFurlong
How I Get Clients To Accept My Copy Without Lots Of Nit-Picking Over The Copy | Copy Chief
Why don't I record a screen capture video with me reading through the final copy, explaining the 'why' behind each sentence?

I started doing this with every big project now.

This has given me the ability to show the clients how much thought and energy has went into creating each line of the copy.
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15 days ago by cmananian
Yay , look what I got. A book? From the author himself! Thanks
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22 days ago by kinlane
Our journey to Big | Legal Evolution (067)
Many lawyers and law firms claim to serve the middle market, often describing how they deal directly with owners and executives rather than in-house counsel. Although these clients aren’t the Fortune 500, the lawyers and law firm leaders take enormous pride in this type of practice and discuss it in ways that suggest it’s a stable and permanent market niche. I’m not sure that’s right.
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4 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Walmart's In-House Counsel Tells How the Retail Giant Is Changing Its Legal Ops | Corporate Counsel
He explained that until the turn of this century, the large retailer was heavily leveraging outside counsel and realized that, along with the policy of taking all cases to trial, needed to change. The first issue that Walmart needed to fix was a lack of centralization in the legal department.
Walmart’s legal department first put all of their outside counsel on the same engagement letter—they decided to have the same terms for all outside counsel.

“What we had found is that sometimes with the same firm, we would have different engagement letters,” Bryan explained.

Walmart’s legal department then took all of the data it collected over the years and organized it to be easily searchable.

“We wanted to be able to accomplish an accurate way of reporting out on things like spend and the performance of outside counsel,” Bryan said.

There was also a turn toward time-saving technology that would allow lawyers to take more time to focus on more difficult tasks.

“We announced a partnership with a company called LegalMation and we’re using software to take a complaint filed against the company—generally speaking in tort and in general litigation matters—feeding that complaint into the system and the system, within two minutes, kicks out an answer, a first set of interrogatories and a first set of requests for production. That is reviewed by an attorney but what we’ve found is that it is saving 60 to 70 percent of the time that would normally take to review that complaint,” Bryan explained.
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4 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Why Microsoft is Hosting Their Law Firms in Redmond This Week and Why it Matters for Everyone Else? – Big Law Business
Microsoft, like any huge global enterprise, is able to make certain requests of their outside counsel because of the high volume of sophisticated work they send to their law firms. Put simply: Microsoft can ask because, well, they are Microsoft (the same could be said of Shell and GSK). On the other hand, a general counsel of a company with $5-10 million in annual legal spend, is going to have a harder time creating unique alternative fee arrangements or demanding innovative approaches to legal service delivery. But, as it turns out, the fact that others do not ask creates a problem for Microsoft, because it enables law firms to push back with “None of our other clients ask for this.” For Microsoft, then, hosting and publicizing their Trusted Advisor Forum helps everyone in the ecosystem, including Microsoft.
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4 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Why Are So Many In-House Professionals Joining AI Contract Startups? | Legaltech News
So what’s behind this recent migration to the legal AI startup scene? For many former corporate professionals, it’s all about the desire to have a hand in shaping the future of legal operations and to work in more creative and fast-paced environment.
Lucy Bassli, Microsoft’s former assistant general counsel who became chief legal strategist at LawGeex in February, told Legaltech News that she moved to the AI company to help legal departments turn innovative ideas into reality.

“I hope to be able to inspire a lot of companies who LawGeex plans to engage and is already engaging with to think of holistic solutions and think about the best way to implement the technology within the totality of their resources, both human and technological.”

A desire to take a hands-on role in helping legal departments innovate also pushed Nicole Arbiv, who worked in various legal operations roles at Hewlett-Packard Enterprises for over a decade, to join LawGeex as its onboarding director in April 2018.

“For me, it was really around the notion that legal tech has become the up-and-coming thing that is driving the change of the legal profession, and you really see the true impact we are able to have on the legal profession as a whole,” she said.

To be sure, the AI contract market is a competitive space, and corporate professionals are discerning in joining only the startups they believe will have the biggest impact on the legal industry.
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4 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Can a Big Law Private Equity Practice Play Matchmaker? | The American Lawyer
ike the fact that a law firm represents a lot of private equity funds looking for companies to buy, while also representing a lot of companies looking to be sold. If only the firm knew what dots to connect.
That’s the puzzle that Holland & Knight’s private equity practice leader David Barkus was trying to solve when he hired Keith Ferry, a former private equity lawyer, last year to be director of business development at the Am Law 100 firm, which saw its gross revenue hit nearly $848.2 million in 2017.

Plenty, if not most, private equity lawyers have introduced clients to companies worth acquiring. “Sourcing” deals for private equity clients is one of the most tried and true ways of getting new business in the competitive, but ultra-profitable, practice. Private equity firms will usually hire a lawyer to handle a deal that the lawyer sourced.
Still, playing matchmaker is far from easy: Just ask investment bankers.

But within the past year, Holland & Knight’s Ferry has developed a database that the firm claims has led to 400 introductions between its private equity and corporate clients. Some of those introductions came through a program that Holland & Knight has branded HK Deal Flow, and which have led to deals closing or parties signing letters of intent, meaning a deal is forthcoming.

It is a welcome development for private equity firms that are itching to spend record levels of capital. The first six months of 2018 saw a record level of private equity deals, valued globally at $271 billion by Mergermarket, which tracks transactions.
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4 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
In-house guide to LawTech for Commercial Contracts | Radiant Law
About this guide
This is one of a series of guides created by Radiant Law to help in-house legal teams improve their contracting processes. You can find other guides here. Although these guides are focused on handling commercial contracts, many of these technologies and approaches can be applied to other activities that you do.

LawTech is both helpful and overhyped and finding the right path is hard. We published a LawTech Glossary with definitions for lots of the lingo you will inevitably be exposed to, which admittedly expressed some of our frustration with the hype. This guide is to assist you to find tools that will actually help, and ensure that they are actually used.
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5 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Microsoft GC Tells Its Major Suppliers (Including Outside Firms) to Provide Paid Parental Leave | Corporate Counsel
Dev Stahlkopf, vice president and general counsel for Microsoft Corp., Thursday announced in a blog post that over the next year, the company will require that its major suppliers provide employees who handle Microsoft work with paid parental leave.
A spokesperson for Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft confirmed that the company will include its outside counsel among those suppliers, but declined to answer further questions about the policy.

“We rely on a wide array of other companies to supply us with goods and services that reflect their core competencies, and the people who work for our suppliers also are critical to our success,” Stahlkopf wrote.
Three years ago, Microsoft announced that it would require a variety of suppliers in the United States to provide their employees with paid time off. Thursday’s announcement builds on that policy.

“Over the next 12 months we will work with our U.S. suppliers to implement this new paid parental leave policy,” the GC said.

Here are more details of the policy, according to Stahlkopf’s post:

Microsoft will require suppliers to offer their employees a minimum of 12 weeks paid parental leave, up to $1,000 per week.
The leave is for parents employed by suppliers who take time off for the birth or adoption of a child.
It applies to suppliers with more than 50 employees, and covers employees “who perform substantial work for Microsoft. “
It is a minimum requirement, and is not intended to supplant any state or future federal law that offers more.
The state of Washington passed a paid parental leave law last year that goes into effect in 2020. But the company said it made the decision to apply the requirement more broadly, outside Washington, and not to wait until 2020.
“Microsoft will work with our suppliers to understand the impacts of this change, and we will make these changes in a thoughtful way,” the blog post stated, including discussing a process to address the increased costs such a policy would generate.
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7 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
a thread on clients
things that make god clients - retry, backoff, timeout etc
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