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Corporate Law On Verge of Making Things Simpler with Complex Analytics | Legaltech News
Compelling and statistically accurate, at least according to HBR’s survey. The large portion of respondents, 41 percent, categorized data science and analytics as a “medium priority,” while 38 percent identified as being in the early planning stages. As for the two extremes, 16 percent of respondents called data science and analytics as a “high priority,” while only 6 percent said it was “not a priority.”

Baker posited several theories as to why analytics may be bounding up the ladder, ranging from the sophistication of the tools now available to the general wealth of data resting at a company’s fingertips. Still, while more companies may be engaging with analytics, they’re not all doing it at the same level or even with the same goal in mind. Baker alluded to a general progression in ambition that emerges as law departments start to become more comfortable with data and analytics.
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23 days ago by JordanFurlong
E-Commerce Glossary
E-Commerce Glossary where you will find all the e-Commerce terms and their meanings in one place.
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23 days ago by incredimike
3 Tips For Getting Clients To Pay On Time
Many companies have to deal with late paying or non-paying clients, which not only throw off a company’s accounting, but it can also result in major stability problems. Check out these three tips for getting clients to pay on time.
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26 days ago by Adventure_Web
Clients From Hell - Horror stories from freelancers
typical anecdotes about client behaviour - some amusing, mostly depressing
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5 weeks ago by piperh
What Do In-House Lawyers Want From Law Firm CLE? : Blog
This recent In-House Focus survey of in-house lawyers concerning their own experiences with law firm CLE provides some interesting perspectives on these topics. For example:

– 70% of survey respondents said CLE programming should feature diverse lawyers, presenters and faculty. But just 30% of respondents agreed that diversity is adequately represented in current CLE content. At the same time, nearly two-thirds of respondents believe that participating in CLE programming is an effective way for law firms to connect diverse lawyers to clients.

– 52% of respondents to IHF’s survey agreed that law firms should do a better job of facilitating introductions of their diverse lawyers to their clients, while just 5% disagreed. Further, 62% believe CLE programming is a good way to cultivate relationships between diverse lawyers and clients.

– 62% of respondents believe law firm CLE is not adequately tailored to in-house lawyers. Additionally, two-thirds agree that CLE content is more tailored to law firm practitioners than in-house lawyers. In fact, another 79% of respondents said they would be more inclined to watch a CLE program that included in-house lawyers as presenters who speak to their issues.

– When asked what are some things that would make CLE more pertinent to in-house lawyers, many responses revolved around the need for real-world examples. Some responses included: “concepts to reduce outside legal expenses,” “when to involve outside counsel and how to engage them,” and “case studies and sample scenarios from current in-house lawyers.”
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5 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
New Littler 'On Demand' App Has a Human Side: Shift Lawyers | The American Lawyer
Clients will use the service by submitting questions on a newly built app, either via mobile or desktop. If the question has already been asked in an organization, it will elicit previous attorney responses. And for new inquiries, on-call Littler “on-demand” attorneys—who have an average of 15 years of experience and will work a set shift—will work to generate real-time answers. They can either respond directly or collaborate with Littler attorneys with more specialized knowledge on particularly complex questions.

Fees will range from traditional hourly rates, blended rates or any other arrangements sought by clients. Regardless, Forman said that the expense for clients would be less than the cost of salary and benefits for new in-house counsel.

Clients will also have access to a dashboard that shows what other questions are being asked, in order to gain a picture of other issues or concerns that they should have on their radar. Forman gave the example of a wage and hour question that might alert a client to a compliance issue or stimulate an opportunity for further training.

The new platform also relies on a recognition that the traditional law firm career progression does not work for everyone.

“For years, you would come in as a lawyer and then be on the partnership track or no longer at a firm,” Forman said. “We’re very cognizant that today’s lawyers are looking for different things.”

He added that many lawyers who moved in-house seeking greater certainty about their hours were encountering some of the same expectations they faced at firms.

“This delivers what most people mistakenly believe the in-house position offers: a set schedule, working on interesting legal issues for important clients,” Forman said of the “on demand” lawyers, who essentially work as an extension of the client’s legal team.
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5 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
Who Does Your Law FIrm Serve? - Adam Smith, Esq.
I said a moment ago that we worry about firms’ perseverance and diligence in executing every material element of a plan, but I wasn’t quite leveling with you.  If other priorities are expressed–greater collaboration, disinvestment in particular practice areas, more authority and accountability given to business professionals (for example)–then yes, we hope the firm will be conscientious, thorough, and determined in pursuing them, but the “clients first” bothers us in a way we’ve struggled to articulate for some time.  Now we think we have a hypothesis that might clarify this.  Here’s Part 1 of the hypothesis:

Many lawyers do not understand that they’re in a client service business.

They may, and usually do, pay it lip service, but in their core they don’t act it out.
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7 weeks ago by JordanFurlong
In-House Innovation: Managed Service Providers Targeting Corporate Law | Legaltech News
“We know the quality [of a law firm] is excellent,” Stockton noted. “The law firms are trusted; we’ve worked with them for a long time, but are we paying the appropriate amount.”

However, a larger disruption in the market is afoot with corporate legal departments actively looking for ways to measure a law firm’s quality compared to vendors, Stockton said. One area that is easy to gauge is e-discovery.

“If you think about e-discovery, we can measure the accuracy of what is being done,” Stockton said, adding if the service provider has provided identical results to a law firm, “there’s no incentive to use a law firm.”

Ultimately what in-house legal departments are often looking for is a single one-stop shop for legal services.

“I want to see the legal management service providers rebundle so we can go to one provider,” Stockton said.”
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8 weeks ago by JordanFurlong

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