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Vincit/venia: Clojure(Script) graphql query generation
Clojure(Script) graphql query generation. Contribute to Vincit/venia development by creating an account on GitHub.
client  graphql  cljs  clojurescript  clojure  query 
15 hours ago by fmjrey
Home - IAOMS
IAOMS International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
baoms  icoms  sergi  barcelo  conference  client  oral  maxillofacial  international  association 
yesterday by piperh
A year on — our experience launching a paid, proprietary product on Linux. |
Unsurprisingly, security is a major concern for Linux users. Thankfully, we learned this lesson early after watching several of our competitors getting roasted online for laissez-faire data collection. In many ways, we are lucky that our product is secure by design (we don’t store or process data online — strictly between you and your mail server). None the less, we are very open with users regarding the data we collect, and users can turn off what little data collection we do. Of course, the boundaries are much clearer now thanks to GDPR. Startups are less likely to make privacy related blunders. But if you are creating a product, think twice about using 3rd party services.

The most surprising and delightful aspect of this journey has been the feedback from Linux users. To put it mildly, they care about software. Many of them are software developers themselves. We call it professional sympathy! Their generosity, quality insights and willingness to help us squash bugs have accelerated the pace of our development and learning dramatically. So much so, that if I ever end up building another product, I’ll be going Linux first.
paidsoftware  thisvsthat  nonfree  linux  lessonslearned  email  client  alternativeto  exchange 
5 days ago by kme
bintoo/MQAdminTool: A Java GUI application for managing IBM MQ objects and messages
A Java GUI application for managing IBM MQ objects and messages - bintoo/MQAdminTool
mq  mqseries  ibm  websphere  client  java  gui 
5 days ago by plaxx
Everest - Beautiful, cross-platform REST client
Everest (formerly RESTaurant) is an upcoming REST API testing client written in JavaFX.
REST  client  desktop  GUI  JavaFX  Java  opensource  tools 
5 days ago by liqweed
clj-commons/tentacles: An Octocat is nothing without his tentacles
An Octocat is nothing without his tentacles. Contribute to clj-commons/tentacles development by creating an account on GitHub.
clojure  github  api  client 
8 days ago by fmjrey

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