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(4) Why Students Are Choosing Corporate Law Departments Over Law Firms | LinkedIn
This trend was clearly in evidence at our recent 7th annual “BBQ, Beers, and Legal Careers,” an event that brings together summer clerks and legal leaders from companies across Silicon Valley to network and learn about law department opportunities. I was impressed and energized by the students I met, who came from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests. There were dozens of them there, all very different in perspective and experience, and all interested in exploring an in-house legal career.

It didn’t used to be like this. Firms used to be the unquestioned destination for top candidates seeking both prestige and career stability. The rapid changes in the legal market are challenging the old paradigm.  Many corporate law departments now rival traditional firms in size and operational complexity, providing a measure of stability, without the chance that your practice group might up and leave to a competitor one day.  More importantly, I believe companies offer greater opportunity to develop diverse skills and rotate among a much broader set of roles than law firms.  You can try on more suits in a company to see which one truly fits. We’ve had people from NetApp Legal move into roles in Sales, Operations, and IT, for example, not to mention transitioning from one discipline to another in our own department, such as field support to compliance.
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Parents are trying to fight "screentime" with "busytime" in the effort to keep kids away from screens
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graphqurl - curl for GraphQL with autocomplete, subscriptions and GraphiQL
curl for GraphQL with autocomplete, subscriptions and GraphiQL. Also a JS library.
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3 days ago by liqweed
Why legal design is the answer for time-crunched in-house lawyers
Taking a legal design approach — starting from the user, through sprints, workshops, prototypes, testing and so on — is exciting to implement, but what I found in taking it to the business was that they really didn’t care what we called our approach; in a more basic sense, they don’t care how you do what you, and they don’t really care about your processes and constraints. They just want an answer: preferably yesterday, not tomorrow. And why would they care? As opposed to private practice where clients come to you for your expertise, in-house you have to earn the right to be listened to. Your job is about delivering the most practical advice possible that immediately translates into the daily operations of your internal clients, in a way that means they don’t need to translate it into their own language. In other words, the in-house counsel job is all about reducing the gap between the law and those supposed to apply it for real.
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3 days ago by JordanFurlong
GraphQL Playground - GraphQL IDE for better development workflows
GraphQL IDE for better development workflows (GraphQL Subscriptions, interactive docs & collaboration).
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3 days ago by liqweed
Gaphiql Workspace - Graphical interactive in-browser GraphQL IDE enhanced with tabbed navigation, HTTP headers, arbitrary endpoints, etc.
A graphical interactive in-browser GraphQL IDE enhanced with tabbed navigation, HTTP headers, arbitrary endpoints, etc.
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3 days ago by liqweed

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